March 12, 2002
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Paul Harvey hails Sisters couple
By Shawn Strannigan

Saylor and Luella are celebrating 72 years together.

On March 5, Sisters residents Saylor and Luella Ennis celebrated 72 years of marriage. Radio personality Paul Harvey joined in the celebration by announcing the couple's anniversary to millions of listeners across the country on his daily radio program.

And now, for the "rest of the story" . . .

While Sy and Lou missed the broadcast, they knew who'd tipped off Harvey.

"Our oldest son is responsible for this," said Sy. "He'd called Paul Harvey a long time ago and given him the date of our anniversary. We weren't listening when the show aired, but that's okay. Our son recorded it."

Sy and his bride have lived in Sisters since 1999, but their romance began in the Midwest.

"We both grew up on farms," Sy said. "Luella was born in Harris, Iowa and I was born in Holstein. Both of our families eventually moved to O'Brien County and we first met in the spring of '27."

"It was love at first sight for both of us," Luella said. "I don't think Sy ever actually proposed -- we just knew we were meant for each other."

Married during the Depression, Sy eked out a living by general farming for nearly 40 years.

He then moved his family to California, where the couple managed an Orange Julius franchise in San Diego. They enjoyed their work so much that they eventually bought their own Orange Julius store in Escondido.

In 1999, they couple relocated in Sisters, a move they've never regretted.

"It is beautiful here, we've enjoyed it very much," said Lu.

In the 72 years they've been married, Sy and Lu have had four children, seven grandkids, and 14 great grandchildren.

The family is spread out a bit these days, but according to Sy, they get together whenever it is possible.

"For our 70th anniversary, our boys planned a big get-together," he said. "Nearly all of the grand and great-grandchildren came. It was wonderful having the whole family here, we took lots of pictures. But two more great-grandchildren have been born since then..."

Saylor and Luella celebrated their anniversary alone this year. They missed their family, but are glad for the friendship they've enjoyed for over seven decades.

"We've seen a lot of changes," said Lu. "We've gone from horse and buggy days to seeing a man walk on the moon. But we share and share alike and have always been there for each other -- through thick and thin."

Sy agreed.

"A marriage is full of give and take," he said. "You take the good with the bad, and there's always plenty of each. There's not much I would change about our marriage."

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