June 18, 2002
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Sisters, Oregon

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Sisters Sheriff's calls

  • A three-year-old boy wandered off from home twice in a period of two days.

    The first time, the boy showed up at a neighbor's house -- after opening a gate and letting several horses loose. One horse suffered an injured leg.

    As deputies were responding to the report of a found child, they received word that the mother had called to report the boy missing.

    The tearful mother said she had been watching TV with the boy when he went outside to get the dog.

    She started looking frantically for him after he did not come back.

    Deputies told the woman to always call 9-1-1 first.

    The woman got to put that advice into action two days later when the boy wandered off again.

    A search was activated, including deputies, search & rescue, Oregon State Police and private citizens.

    The boy turned up on Highway 20.

    The parents received counseling from deputies and from Services to Children and Families.
  • A woman caught two juveniles with a scooter one of them had allegedly stolen from her daughter.

    A deputy cited the pair for second degree theft.
  • A Bend woman was cited for reckless driving after a deputy watched her make several illegal passes while driving over 85 miles per hour.

  • A parent reported a suspicious white substance -- thought to be methamphetamine -- on a novelty cigar she had taken from her daughter.

    The powder was actually there to simulate a puff of smoke from the toy cigar.

Information in "Sisters sheriff's calls" is taken from log entries and reports of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office.

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