June 11, 2003
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The contents of the on-line edition of The Nugget represent a selection among the stories that appear in the weekly print edition.

Sisters sheriff's calls

  • A man reported two knives and a .22 pistol stolen in a burglary at his business.
  • A man flipped off another driver after waiting a long time to pass.

    The aggrieved driver later spotted the gesture-tosser's car parked at a local business and left a message to the effect that he would apply shoe leather to the gesture-tosser's posterior if he saw him on the road again.

    The bird-flipping driver's wife thought the incident should be logged.
  • A woman called to let deputies know that each year a group of women camp out behind the rodeo grounds during Sisters rodeo.

    The women allegedly take off their clothes and perform unspecified lewd acts.

    The woman was advised to call back if such an incident occurs again this year.
  • A woman reported her suspicions that her landlord was entering her residence when she is away.
  • A man reported that the manager of a business was abusive to him when he parked in a handicapped space.

    This was peculiar, because the man's wife is, in fact, handicapped and he said he displayed their handicapped parking placard.

Black Butte Ranch Police

  • An officer made contact with one male adult and two male juveniles in front of Black Butte General Store. They said they were walking to Salem.

    The officer called the one boy's parents to confirm they had given their son permission to go on this trip. They had not. They requested the officer take their son into protective custody and they would pick him up in an hour.

    The other male juvenile was identified as the son of the adult male.

    There were no warrants on the adult or his son so the officer ordered them off the Ranch and they complied.

Information in "Sisters sheriff's calls" is taken from log entries and reports of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office and Black Butte Ranch Police Department.

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