July 23, 2004
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Sisters, Oregon

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The contents of the on-line edition of The Nugget represent a selection among the stories that appear in the weekly print edition.

Sisters sheriff's calls

  • A resident reported suspicious activity near a rural home and asked for extra patrol.
  • A deputy has been dealing with an ongoing dispute between neighbors. One neighbor reported that the other called her an idiot. The other neighbor denied the charge. Perhaps extra patrol of the sand box is in order.
  • Sheriff's office investigators arrested a Sisters woman (by citation) for allegedly forging written orders for prescription drugs and then placing the orders at a local pharmacy. The incidents were allegedly ongoing.
  • A citizen made a complaint regarding cats coming onto her property and killing wildlife.
  • A woman reported that someone came in the night and knocked on and rocked her motor home. She didn't think it was an animal.
  • A resident complained about neighbors yelling profanities at each other all night long. The profane neighbors were contacted and agreed to keep it down.

    Black Butte Ranch Police
  • An officer covered Sisters deputies after a woman was reported going into her boyfriend's apartment through a window. By the time an officer arrived, the girlfriend was reportedly harassing her boyfriend at work. The officer contacted both and stayed with them till a deputy arrived.
  • Officers assisted medical personnel with medical emergencies and bike crash victim.
  • A resident complained of being accosted by two snarling golden retrievers, who didn't respond to owner's commands until the owner took physical control. No one got hurt.

Information in "Sisters sheriff's calls" is taken from log entries and reports of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office and Black Butte Ranch Police Department.

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