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  • Saying goodbye to an amazing teacher

    Kale Gardner|Updated Jul 6, 2021

    I attended Sisters Middle School (SMS) last year and my U.S. History teacher was Michelle Hammer. Hammer was an amazing teacher from the first day she taught me, along with hundreds and hundreds of other students she has taught. She brought joy into the classroom every day. She brought kids together each and every day she stepped foot in the classroom and was determined to make the school and local community a better place. She had an amazing impact on my fellow students at the Sisters Middle School, always caring. Teaching... Full story

  • Eighth graders celebrate graduation with ‘Olympics’

    Kale Gardner|Updated Jun 15, 2021

    Students at Sisters Middle School can go through a lot of emotions, adversity, and hardship leaving the eighth grade, especially this past year with the Class of 2025. Having to deal with COVID-19 was beyond challenging. When you create a lot of great friends and memories at the school, it can be hard to leave. One big thing to look forward to being an eighth-grade student and graduating is the Eighth Grade Olympics — a one-day getaway for all of the students. It consist... Full story

  • Students look forward to next year

    Kale Gardner|Updated May 25, 2021

    For many kids at the Sisters’ Middle School (SMS), the transition from 8th grade into high school can be a very challenging experience. It can be nerve-wracking and a bit scary. Eighth grader Jack Turpen told The Nugget, “I’m looking forward to many things including new opportunities, experiences, and meeting new people. Sisters High School offers so many unique programs and electives, including the flight program, the woodworking program, IEE, and many more exciting classes. I’m also looking forward to meeting new instruc... Full story

  • The challenges of online learning at SMS

    Kale Gardner|Updated Apr 20, 2021

    The challenges of online learning from school has taken a toll on many students in the Sisters School District, especially at Sisters Middle School (SMS). Sisters Middle School student Holly Davis told The Nugget that, “one of the only positive impacts online learning had on me was having less classes during the day, simply because there was a lot less stress and anxiety hanging on my shoulders, I was and felt more free, but there was definitely a lot more cons to the story than pros. “With online learning the hardest par... Full story

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