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 By Charlotte Seymour    Opinion 

The joy of outdoor education

At Sisters Middle School we have an outstanding outdoor science program called ECoS (Earth, Community and Self). It is offered to eighth graders and consists of five overnight, unforgettable... — Updated 12/5/2023 Full story


Wolves: It's all in the family

The topic of wolves is extremely controversial, and they are often seen as either good or bad. But no species is good or bad, as it's only we humans who classify their behavior as acceptable... — Updated 12/5/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion 

Settler-colonial blues

The weather in Sisters is doing what it always does to me at this time of year. My soul hears the ancient horn call of the mythic North. A couple of nights ago, I fired up the electronic camp... — Updated 12/5/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

Hitting the sweet spot

During recent discussions about the potential expansion of Sisters’ urban growth boundary (UGB), Sisters City Councilor Andrea Blum noted that she hears from constituents who think Sisters... — Updated 11/28/2023 Full story


The cost of a cedar Christmas wreath

In response to Bill Bartlett’s November 8 article about forest permits, I offer pertinent additional information and clarification not about bark stripping, but the stripping of nearly all the branches on multiple incense-cedar trees.... — Updated 11/21/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

The long echo of the guns

Last week, Sisters marked Veterans Day observances, Americans’ annual opportunity to honor those who have served the country in our armed forces. Sisters students met with veterans and... — Updated 11/14/2023 Full story

 By Bill Bartlett    Opinion

You could have heard a pin drop

Timing is always tricky with a weekly publication. Take Halloween this year, on a Tuesday, literally the day when The Nugget is rolling off the press on its way to Sisters. So, no way to... — Updated 11/14/2023 Full story

 By Melody Carlson    Opinion

Occupying the land

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations in various U.S. cities recently got my attention. Curious as to what the protestors were actually supporting, I read from various news sources. To my surprise some of the “journalistic” accounts made... — Updated 11/14/2023 Full story

 By Lisa May    Opinion

Connecting neighbors

At The Nugget Newspaper, I have the privilege of manning the front desk and greeting community members as they walk in the door or call on the phone. This public contact is actually my favorite part of the job. Even after living in Sisters... — Updated 11/7/2023 Full story

 By Kevin Statham    Opinion

A fine little fire

On a rainy Rogue River trip, Jim and I contemplated a fire. A fire would offer warmth even if drying out was not possible. My ammo can contained kindling, and I set about making a fire in our tiny Weber barbecue turned fire pan. I was about... — Updated 11/7/2023 Full story

 By Rick Retzman    Opinion

Protecting Sisters' forests

It is now widely known in our community that the Sisters Trails Alliance (STA) has come out publicly against the Green Ridge logging project due to concerns over the cutting of large and mature trees in old-forest patches, and scientifically... — Updated 10/31/2023 Full story


Loneliness has health impacts

Nearly every day, I encounter members of our community who are impacted by loneliness. As a behavioral health specialist with St. Charles Sisters Family Clinic, I help patients with mental health concerns like depression or anxiety.   When... — Updated 10/24/2023 Full story

 By Maret Pajutee    Opinion

Working to save the Metolius River

Over 30 years ago, biologists realized the Metolius River had a serious problem. As the Forest Service (USFS) moved toward "Ecosystem Management," they recruited botanists, including me, to... — Updated 10/24/2023 Full story

 By Melody Carlson    Opinion

Say no to settling for cookie-cutter lives

In a generation where “celebrating diversity” is the mantra of the day, have you noticed how strikingly similar life has become in our country? Perhaps not quite so much in Sisters, where individuality seems to thrive — thank God! But... — Updated 10/24/2023 Full story

 By Ryan Moffat    Opinion

Happiness - why is it so elusive?

“Every man, whatsoever his condition, desires to be happy.” — Saint Augustine The pursuit of happiness is the unavoidable hardwired disposition of every human heart. We were designed to desire true happiness. We can pretend we’ve mov... — Updated 10/17/2023 Full story

 By Curtis Scholl    Opinion

Fostering belonging in Sisters schools

As a community we have much to be proud of in Sisters. By most traditional measures, we have one of the strongest school districts in the state. We believe that a comprehensive education grounded in the community’s core values is key to... — Updated 10/17/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

War to the knife

The explosion of intense violence in Israel is a savage spasm in a long-standing frontier conflict. It is often said that “they’ve been fighting each other there for thousands of... — Updated 10/17/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

Only the lonely

Only the lonely Know the way I feel tonight Only the lonely Know this feeling ain’t right — Roy Orbison Loneliness is a melancholy theme in generations of songs. It’s not just a trope,... — Updated 10/10/2023 Full story

 By Katy Yoder    Opinion

Another season brings its possibilities and blessings

Feeling the next season on cool morning air, I’m filled with nostalgia for another waning summer. Buddy’s copper coat is fluffing up. Pulling a rubber curry comb from a dusty tack box in the barn, his slick summer hair pulls free as my... — Updated 10/3/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

Choose your circus

A friend of mine wore a T-shirt the other day exhorting us to "Keep Calm and Circus On." It struck me as an apt slogan for the times, for surely we are living in a circus - though perhaps... — Updated 10/3/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

On the trail of the buffalo

“The morning was fair and the plains looked beautifull . . . . The air was pleasant and a vast assemblage of little birds which croud to the groves on the river sung most enchantingly. .... — Updated 9/26/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

Print is the new vinyl

Last week I headed out to Cody, Wyoming for the annual rendezvous of the chiefs of the Mullen newspapers. Louie Mullen is the majority owner of The Nugget, with myself as minority partner.... — Updated 9/19/2023 Full story

 By Edie Jones    Opinion

Your teachers are ready!

The Back-to-School Breakfast for teachers and all employees of District 6 took place on August 29. Being on the Sisters School Board I felt an obligation to accept the invitation to attend. Sitting next to a middle school math teacher I was... — Updated 9/12/2023 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

Boat Drinks

Our first winter in Sisters in 1993-94 was rough. My wife, Marilyn, and I were newly married and broke. We had plowed all of our sparse funds into moving to Sisters so that Marilyn could... — Updated 9/5/2023 Full story


Building Battle of the Books

A new school year is upon us and with it brings great opportunity. It’s a chance to reflect upon our past and also dream up new visions for our future. I’ve been fortunate to have been involved in SPTC (Sisters Parent-Teacher Community)... — Updated 9/5/2023 Full story


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