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 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion 

It's just a shot away

In 1968, the world was falling apart. The Vietnam War was at the height of its intensity; the Tet Offensive launched in January was a disaster for the Viet Cong, which was badly mauled in... — Updated 5/21/2024 Full story

 By Ryan Moffat    Opinion

Endowed by our Creator

The world as we know it is becoming slowly less and less stable. A simple observation when we look at the condition of the world clearly demonstrates the fragile moment we are all living through. Anecdotally I hear more and more cynicism, do... — Updated 5/14/2024 Full story

 By Steve Allely    Opinion

Rethink wolf reintroduction

Let me start off by stating I’m not anti-wolf, nor am I a “wolf hater.” There are issues that need addressing in regards to Ander Rhoades’ article “Recreating with wolves in Central Oregon’s forests,” from April 24, as the article was n... — Updated 5/14/2024 Full story

 By Edie Jones    Opinion

Celebrate Moms!

Since May is the month we traditionally honor mothers, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the many things they do in that role. In many small ways their love manifests itself in common gestures that are easily overlooked as important. Yet s... — Updated 5/7/2024 Full story

 By Maret Pajutee    Opinion

Ode to an old growth warrior

Standing in a quiet grove of old growth pine trees near Glaze Meadow, east of Black Butte Ranch, Tim Lillebo would often start a talk by saying "There we were... it was war." And it was.... — Updated 5/7/2024 Full story


Put out the fire on home insurance

Fire and fire insurance are top of mind in Sisters. No wonder – because of devastating wildfires, Oregon homeowners face soaring premiums and few property insurance options. Some have had their policies canceled when they came up for renewal... — Updated 5/7/2024 Full story


Country deserves better than Trump

It was a quiet morning, I had just gotten my latte at Sisters Coffee, sitting in the corner with my dog, Bo. The young man sitting next to me was busy working on his laptop. He asked me what kind of dog Bo was and I informed him he was a... — Updated 4/30/2024 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

So calm out in the open

Tejanos curse in Spanish and a Cajun eyes the weather There’s black mud on the belly of the yellow colt I ride Never thought I’d catch myself so calm out in the open As a gulf storm deals in... — Updated 4/23/2024 Full story

 By Emelia Shoup    Opinion

Housing as essential community infrastructure

As a young professional who has lived and worked in Sisters for nearly four years, I have been invited to share my story for C4C’s Community Forum about local housing challenges, “Who Gets To Live Here? The Search for Local Housing Aff... — Updated 4/16/2024 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

All we are and all we ever will be

There’s nothing like contemplating the end of the world to start off your weekend. I headed out at daybreak on Saturday to get in a good training session at Zimmerman Butte. Kettlebell c... — Updated 4/16/2024 Full story

 By Tim Hockett    Opinion

We must do better

A few years ago, in the very early morning hours, I visited the Lincoln Memorial. A crew was busily cleaning the huge statue. I acknowledged the workers with a wave. One man shouted to me, “Sorry for the inconvenience, but we don’t want grim... — Updated 4/9/2024 Full story

 By Lisa May    Opinion

Just Like Us: Matthew

Have you ever wished you could travel through time? What would it have been like to set out on the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon in 1840? What was life really like in a European castle in... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story


Fly fisher people tie one on

There is nothing quite like sitting across the table from a fisherperson. There is genuine happiness in their eyes, laughter, and pats on the back. Their faces light up like a warm campfire... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story

 By Phil Chang    Opinion

Accessible and affordable insurance

Sisters Country homeowners and business owners are struggling to access affordable fire insurance coverage. I’ve worked for 20 years to protect our homes and communities from wildfire and now I’m working as your Deschutes County Com... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story

 By Mike Amsbrerry    Opinion

The eyes of India

We are all going to miss him dearly. How does one go about describing Sibi? Many of you are blessed to have come to know Fr. Sibi over these last five years as he pastored the flock at St.... — Updated 3/19/2024 Full story

 By Erik Dolson    Opinion

Nothing is all that can be done

To the parents of Trenton Burger: I am so sorry for your loss. No words of mine can mend your wounds. I can’t even imagine the pain you have endured. Trenton, 15, died after he collided w... — Updated 3/19/2024 Full story

 By Edie Jones    Opinion

Why play?

Recently I came across a reminder that the Harry Potter books are not about never failing, but rather are about rising every time we fall. The story about the Sorcerer’s Stone is a great illustration of how overcoming obstacles creates g... — Updated 3/12/2024 Full story

 By Adam Bronstein    Opinion

Choice of wildlife leader is critical

On May 10, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission is scheduled to decide who to hire to lead the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department as its new director pushed back an initially aggressive hiring timeline. “Hearing people i... — Updated 3/12/2024 Full story

 By Maret Pajutee    Opinion

Introducing our High Desert Heroines

We live in the shadow of mountains named after three women. One of the names for the river that runs through town came about because Native American women often camped along its shores. A legend about the black volcano that guards our... — Updated 3/12/2024 Full story

 By Maret Pajutee    Opinion

Three tips for successful surgery

It happens to the best of us as we age. Sometimes, after a long walk, you have a little hip or knee pain. Then it starts happening more often. You get together with older pals and the first half hour becomes what one friend calls the... — Updated 3/5/2024 Full story

 By Erin Borla    Opinion

Urban and rural are interdependent

On February 26, The New York Times published a column by Professor Paul Krugman titled “The Mystery of White Rural Rage.” While the professor’s opinion perpetuated stereotypes and tropes about many communities across America, I can imagine i... — Updated 3/5/2024 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

A matter of history

The Three Sisters Historical Society packed the Sisters Fire Hall Community Room last Sunday for a presentation by Larry Len Peterson on the legendary photographer of Native Americans,... — Updated 2/27/2024 Full story

 By Greg Pozovi    Opinion

Breach the dams

There has been a lot of controversy and litigation involving the possible breaching of the Snake River and its lower four dams to save salmon and steelhead. There are pros and cons on each side. Native Americans, environmentalists, fishermen... — Updated 2/20/2024 Full story

 By Kiki Dolson    Opinion

Furry Friends helps Sisters families

What do you do when you get a call from a mother who just lost her job and is facing the difficult decision to release her young daughters’ cats to the Humane Society? She knows she now won’t be able to afford to spay and neuter them and... — Updated 2/20/2024 Full story

 By Jim Cunningham    Opinion

None of your business?

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past year, you cannot help being exposed to some degree to the political fighting going on between the current and immediate past administrations over the handling of “classified” inf... — Updated 2/20/2024 Full story


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