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Sisters woman offers classes in stress management

How much time do you spend worrying about lack of time and spinning your wheels being "stressed out?"

Stress is normal, but too much stress produces toxicity in our bodies, which builds up, wreaking health havoc. One of the most common characteristics of long-lived people is that they tend to take it easy in life; they don't get "all worked up" about problems.

More importantly, living in a more relaxed state is a more pleasant life.

Diane Goble says, "While we all need stress to survive, unmanaged it can kill us! Studies show chronic stress to be involved in many major illnesses that lead to disability and early death. Stress management is a prevention program."

Goble is offering simple tools you can always have with you - you don't need equipment or a special outfit - to lessen stress in your life. She calls her workshops "Stress-less in Sisters."

"Stress can be our friend, we just need to learn how to manage it to feel more in control of our lives," she said.

Whether you tend toward outbursts or internalizing, you can learn how to read your body, and know your triggers and, according to Goble, use simple relaxation/meditation techniques to bring yourself into a clearer frame of mind and lessen the tension in your body.

"This is not 'transcendental meditation' in the strict sense, where one must sit in lotus position and hold their fingers a particular way," Goble said. "This is for learning how to clear the body and mind and focus attention; learning to quiet and move into one's own deep meditation of relaxation."

New to Sisters, Goble has already started to integrate herself into the community through family here - Stephanie Blakelock, a teacher at Sisters Elementary School - and by providing respite to hospice caregivers.

Goble's credentials are masters' degrees in Community-Clinical Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and she has worked in community programming and work stress management.

Her classes are structured to teach students the techniques, give a supportive environment to practice and ingrain relaxation habits, and a place to refresh oneself.

Goble will be starting with four class types: Relaxation for Beginners, Relaxation Practice, Mini Vacations, and Creative Journeys. The first half-hour of the beginners' class is free, and includes information about how stress affects our bodies, how we can manage it, and some basic stress-relieving tips.

Those who decide to continue and register for the series of four classes will begin to learn the basics of what will become a 60-second relaxation technique that includes rhythmic breathing, muscle relaxation, focus techniques and guided imagery. She records her own CDs so students can practice at their convenience between classes.

The Relaxation Practice is meant to be a weekly or monthly refresher with guided imagery to help.

Mini Vacations, also once per week or monthly, are guided imagery classes to take participants on a mind-journey to wonderful places of their own choosing.

Creative Journeys are for artists, musicians, writers, painters and other creatives.

Goble is now accepting registrations for classes starting in October at various locations in and around Sisters, with a schedule TBA. Most classes are one hour and cost $10. She also offers private sessions in home or office by appointment.

For more information, call 310-489-0862; e-mail: [email protected] and visit


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