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Ski team prepares to hit the slopes

The Outlaws ski team boasts a roster of 23 racers this year, and both the boys and girls teams look strong and are expected to perform well this season.

On the boys side, seniors Evan Palmer, Mitchell Griffin, George Chladek, and Colton Seymour; juniors Simon Rhett, Christopher Lundgren, Ian Cash, Connor Petke, Corbin Johnson, Vicente Robolledo; and sophomore Oscar Rhett return for another season on the slopes.

Palmer is back for his fourth year on the varsity. His tall, athletic build gives him an advantage on the giant slalom and he’s expected to be a top performer in that event this season. Griffin also returns as a four-year starter and one of the team’s most technical skiers. Mitchell’s experience, combined with his technical expertise, should consistently put him at the top of the pack this year. Evan and Mitchell were elected by the team as team captains are are stepping up as leaders during training.

Chladek is another four-year racer. George has been one of the team’s top racers for the last three years, and was the team’s fastest racer in the slalom event last year. He’s an instinctive skier and is expected to have a great final season. Seymour just joined the ski team last year, but he came from a history of club racing and had the team’s highest combined giant slalom/slalom score last year.

Rhett will race for his third season. Last year Simon was consistently the team’s fastest JV racer. Simon also did race a bit on the varsity team. His experience and tall build should give him an advantage in the giant slalom, and Coach Gabe Chladek hopes he will ski more on varsity this year. Lundgren has also been on the ski team since his freshman year. Christopher has gained a lot of experience and is a steady racer. Chladek stated that Christopher can be counted on to finish his run and hold a respectable spot in the finish order.

Cash started as a freshman with limited skiing experience, and has become a consistent racer who has picked up his speed on the course. Chladek noted that Ian has set a great example for the new skiers on the team. Petke is a third-year skier. Connor had some set-backs due to illness since his freshman year, but Chladek told The Nugget that he continues to train when he can and races with all his heart when he’s on the course, which shows in his finish times.

Corbin Johnson and Vicente Robolledo were on the ski team last year, but were not able to compete due to extenuating circumstances. This year they both are off to a strong start with training, and coaches expect both of them to race regularly this season.

Oscar Rhett is back for his second season, is refining his skills as a racer, and is expected to move up in the finish order this year.

Six new skiers joined the squad this year including freshmen Corbin Fredland and Bela Chladek, who come with previous club racing experience. They both will push the older racers and will be competitive varsity racers. Senior Ethan Eckert, sophomores Ashton King and Ilya Goheen, and freshman Aiden Eckert are all out for their first year of racing, and come with various skiing backgrounds.

Coach Chladek said, “It’s really encouraging to see new skiers join the sport and support the Sisters team into the future.”

The girls team also looks strong as they return for another season.

Junior Skylar Wilkins is out for her third year and has the experience to really move up in the racing order this season. Skylar was selected to be captain of the girls team this year and Coach Chladek noted he expects her to be a breakthrough racer this season.

Hollie Lewis (sophomore) returns as a second-year varsity racer and was Sisters’ fastest girl last year. Hollie has a strong skiing background and, according to Chladek, a lot of natural skill. She is aggressive on the course and should be in the top of the overall pack this year.

Piper Adelt and Sydney Wilkins (sophomores) are both athletic and raced on the team last year, and with a year of experience under their belts are expected to score points for the varsity team this season.

New to the girls squad this year are freshmen Tatum Cramer and Annie Cohen. Both girls are new to ski racing, but do come with previous skiing experience, and are working hard in dry-land training. They are both expected to be solid members of the varsity team.

“I think that overall the Sisters team is going to be very competitive this season,” said Chladek. “Last year we moved solidly into the fourth-place spot in the league and even took a third-place finish. We only graduated one senior last year and the boys team is going into this year with a lot of upper-classmen and a couple of freshmen with previous club race experience. Our girls team has filled out a six-lady varsity and has a lot of collective experience. It will be an exciting season for the Sisters team this year!”

Rima Givot has helped Chladek coach the last three seasons and will be by his side again this year. Grant McDonald has also stepped in to help coach. Grant raced in high school, and has been helping with the dry-land training. Chladek noted that with 23 racers this season, McDonald’s help has been very valuable.


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