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Challenging yourself for fitness in 2020

Coach and trainer Ryan Hudson of Level 5 Crossfit in Sisters has a maxim for those who have resolved to get truly fit: Don’t plan your workout by “kind” of workout, but by “degree” of challenge.

“Our focus this year is on overall fitness and health, including eating habits, nutritional coaching, body fat measurements and improvements across the board,” Hudson told The Nugget.

Level 5 now has the InBody 570 body composition analyzer that measures body fat, muscle and more. The results of testing will help members set goals, create workouts and take the first steps to a healthier life, both mentally and physically.

The new challenge — 2020 New Year’s InBody 90-Day Challenge — started January 20 and goes to April 17. The most improved body composition wins $200, but the true win is reaching your goals and improving your life.

“We have several books to help our members get a jumpstart to healthy living – ‘Paleo in 28,’ ‘Ketogenic Diet Easy 5-Ingredient Cookbook’ and ‘Carnivore Diet Cookbook for Beginners,’” Hudson said.

Vonnie Hitchcock, 2019 Newell National Athletic Trainer of the Year, said Crossfit centers are extremely beneficial to people of all ages and fitness levels.

“Crossfit classes are a benefit to the entire body. They increase bone density, improve heart rate and blood sugar levels, plus increase strength, flexibility and blood flow. It’s a break from traditional gym exercises in that lifting and all the different exercises have a positive impact on the entire body and mind.”

The benefits are borne out by participants in Sisters.

Cookie has been coming to Level 5 going on two years.

“The harder the better in my opinion,” she said. “ I want to keep pushing myself. Ryan treats all of us like he’s our personal trainer and is strict in helping us stay on track.”

Joey has been coming for over five years.

“It was very hard for me to get started,” he said. “The first month was extremely difficult. Level 5 has changed my life, physically and mentally. It’s a teammate culture — everyone helps each other have a goal and continually improve.”

Blanche agrees that starting at Level 5 was the best thing she’s done for herself in 30 years.

“I can’t believe I love working out!” she exclaimed.

Brenda started about three years ago because of osteoporosis and has made major progress.

“I feel so much stronger and can now help my family members who need me. My osteoporosis is almost completely gone,” she said.”

That kind of transformation is what has always motivated Hudson, since he left the corporate world in his 20s to pursue a passion for fitness coaching.

“The results and the testimonies are what keeps me and them coming back for more,” he said.

His philosophy is one of constant striving and challenge:

“You must challenge yourself with fitness in order to change yourself,” he said. “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone, so don’t let your fitness journey become a routine that you are comfortable with. Always strive for doing new things and doing more than you ever have. This benefits your mental and physical state and health on a daily basis, so try and make it part of daily routine — just make sure your workout routine is constantly changing and progressing. Doing this with a group or a coach will make it a lifelong journey that will change your life if you let it.”


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