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Students win $500 for safety video

Students at Sisters High School won $500 for their first-place video titled “Canteen Catastrophe” in an annual safety video contest that promotes young worker safety and the importance of speaking up.

The winning video, which is in a one-shot-style format, follows a worker — played by Shelby Larson — as she walks through a workplace kitchen noticing hazards, but not speaking up. The video rewinds to the beginning and the worker informs someone about each of the hazards so they can be fixed.

The members of the winning Sisters High School team are: Jackson Griffin; Shelby Larson; Colton Seymour; Skylar Wilkins; Sydney Wilkins.

“We chose this part of workplace safety because most of us have jobs in the food industry and so these are real problems that we encounter every day,” said Sydney Wilkins.

Sisters High School also won a matching amount of prize money.

“We think this message is good for teen workers because if they find themselves in an unsafe work environment and don’t speak up, they can possibly get injured,” said Jackson Griffin.


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