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Adapting to a changed musical landscape

As with many musicians these days, Sisters singer-songwriter Beth Wood is having to learn to adapt to a profoundly changed world.

“Myself and a lot of other artists are learning how to adapt to the reality that is now,” she said. Wood said it has been an interesting process for her, learning to live-stream concerts.

“It is a poor substitute but it’s something at least and I’ve been surprised how fun it actually ends up being after I play one,” she said.

Wood is trying to find a balance in livestream playing, while also writing new material. One way Wood has been able to keep busy and hold herself accountable to continue writing, is by using a platform for artists called Patreon.

Patreon is a subscription to artists and their work online where patrons pay a certain membership level amount each month. In return, they get a new song or poem from Wood every month as well as Zoom calls with patrons.

“This platform is really helping to finance artists right now and it has given me something to focus on, needing to produce content every month,” she said.

Wood explained how this time in the world is a very transitional time for artists and musicians having to replace recording sales income, and now touring income.

“With something like Patreon and patrons willing to pay, some of that income is being replaced by them,” she said.

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Wood has been enjoying being able to perform a little bit, even if it is virtually and she subscribes to other musicians on Patreon as well.

“I’ve been Zooming my face off doing these performances and workshops and lessons during this time,” she said.

Wood has also been busy cooking and hiking and writing — but also remembering to play music for fun.

“I’ve been playing a lot of music just for the fun of it. Touring, you don’t get to hang and play as much, so that’s been good,” she said.

Wood is trying to figure out what’s next for herself and other musicians.

“We will always need music, and I am trying to figure out how to adapt to be a part of that,” she said.


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