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Sisters salutes - 2/24/2021

• Diana Michelle Harris wrote:

New Year’s 2020 I was full of anticipation that a new decade was emerging. The past decade was the hardest I have experienced. Thankfully, I was able to achieve a major milestone in my life. One year ago, February 2020, I was able to completely pay off my Habitat mortgage. The original plan was that there would be a community gathering celebrating this momentous occasion through a deed burning ceremony last August: a special moment I was excited to share with Habitat, friends, and family. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, it was canceled.

I want to take the time to say how much I appreciated working with the Habitat organization and staff, Sharlene, Marie, Sharon, and my Habitat partner, Eloise Davis. I had seasonal work. After a couple of seasons my six-month unemployment coverage was a little over $500 a month. Thankfully, Habitat had suggested that I apply through the Oregon Housing Institution which covered my mortgage for a year. This was the only way I was able to not lose my home. Just before the year coverage was up, I started working four part-time jobs. I received a full-time position and will celebrate working for six years this coming June.

The community of Sisters is loving and supportive, and I would like to thank all the organizations that have helped support my family during a difficult season: FAN; SPRD; Sisters Christian Academy; Sisters Community Church; Vast Church; Sisters Westside — now Wellhouse Church; Episcopal Church; High Lakes Health Care; and Green Ridge Physical Therapy.

A special thanks to Peter Storton; Nicole Montalvo; Hans Friedle; Erin Walker; Terry Kotal; Reverend Ted and Gayle Rodrigues; and my family.

My heart goes out to those who have suffered difficult times during this pandemic. This too shall pass.

• The Willamette Valley — especially Clackamas County, was hit hard by the last ice storm.

The Charbonneau subdivision in Wilsonville was hit especially hard, and anybody with a chain saw was trying to help other neighbors clear trees off cars, driveways, etc.

While a neighbor was walking the small subdivision of Louvonne in Charbonneau with his chainsaw, a “pig farmer from Sisters” joined him with a chainsaw as he was visiting in Charbonneau, and helped clear several trees/branches out of the blocked streets and driveways.

He even was injured with his chainsaw, but brushed it off and continued to help.

So, we’d love to give a shout-out to that compassionate man from Sisters who saw a huge need, had the right equipment, and helped so many residents have access to their driveways and streets. Thank you, kind sir — you are appreciated!


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