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Cash donation boosts Food Bank clients

The Sisters Kiwanis Food Bank serves dozens of clients each week when they come to select foodstuffs at the pantry on Main Avenue on Thursdays.

Earlier this month, those folks got an additional boost from an anonymous donor who provided a small cash stipend for each visitor to the Food Bank.

Food Bank Coordinator Naomi Rowe told The Nugget that the donor approached her with $700 in cash in $20 bills for individual distribution.

“I put each $20 in a small white envelope,” she said. “Before they’d leave I’d give it to them.”

The cash boost was most welcome to people who are hard-pressed.

“Quite a few of them started to cry” Rowe said.

She noted that one client was able to use the cash for desperately needed gas.

“She said, ‘I really didn’t think I’d make it home today because my car says it’s empty,’” Rowe reported.

Cash can be hard to come by for many of the Food Bank’s clients, Rowe noted.

“A lot of them live in the woods and they don’t have an address and they don’t have a phone; they don’t file taxes,” she said. “They don’t get any stimulus or anything like that.”

The anonymous donor expressed the hope that others in the community will similarly provide some direct cash assistance that can be distributed through the Food Bank.

“Your support for the Sisters Kiwanis Food Bank impacts members of our community every day,” the donor stated. “In this special time of need, please consider an additional contribution to the Food Bank as your support will touch someone whose life will be improved by your generosity more than you know.”

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