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Letters to the Editor - May 12, 2021

School bond

To the Editor:

Before my husband and I considered starting a family, we knew Sisters was where we wanted to raise our family due to the amazing school district and the way the community comes together and takes care of each other. Because of these reasons, I am urging people to vote YES for Sisters School District bond measure 9-141.

We now have three children, two are enrolled in elementary school now and our third will be in kindergarten in two years. The school is past optimal capacity, running at 106 percent and the numbers of incoming students are only growing, as the size of the community grows. Our fifth-grade class, who should normally be in elementary, has been attending classes at the middle school because of the lack of space.

In order to keep our schools running efficiently and to create the best learning environment for all children, we need this new elementary school. With the new elementary school, classes can remain small, fifth grade can move back into elementary, teachers and support staff can have the space they need to do their best work, all schools will be in the same area, and collaboration between all three schools can create an amazing learning environment for all ages.

Sisters community and Sisters School District has a reputation of taking care of each other and our schools. And because of that our school district is able to thrive. So please, let’s keep the community support going and vote YES. Together we can do great things!

Maryrose Schiedler

To the Editor:

I am so excited to shout support for the Sisters Schools. They have done a great job of planning and I encourage everyone to visit their very informational website at This absolutely makes sense and it doesn't cost the taxpayers any more money than they are already paying. Please join me in supporting our kids and grandkids!

Kay Johnson

School Board candidates

To the Editor:

Edie Jones has my vote for the Sisters School Board because she genuinely cares about the well-being of children. Her lifelong dedication to learning, the authorship of two excellent parenting guides, experience as a camp director, teacher, and open-mindedness make her the perfect person to ensure that Sisters kids thrive.

Your vote for Edie will be a vote for your children and grandchildren. I am grateful that she continues to dedicate herself to them and Sisters.

Valarie J Anderson

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of Edie Jones for the Sisters School Board. Edie is dedicated to both the youth and the community and deserves a chance to serve a full term on the board. She has a thoughtful perspective gained from many years of serving youth as a camp director and the executive director of Together for Children.

She stepped up when there was an unfilled position on the board, and has served responsibly with dignity, purpose, and commitment. Please cast your vote for this long-time citizen of our community and validate the previous board’s decision in choosing her to fill the current term.

Linda Weber

To the Editor

This letter is to share my reasons for being in support of Rodney Cooper for Sisters School Board Position No.1.

I am 63 years of age and yet I am just now realizing that during most the years of my adult life I have not taken the pause I should have in order to consider the importance of certain elected public servant positions. Positions like secretary of state, district attorney, sheriff, and even school board positions.

So much has happened especially in the past five or so years that has left me somewhat shell-shocked and a good deal more sober minded about those we choose for such positions. Understanding more than ever, that elections indeed have consequences.

It is hard to miss the fact we are witnessing in our society, the budding of fruits I am personally both alarmed and grieved to see. Fruits manifesting in societal tensions which in part result from carefully planned and patiently executed agendas. Dangerous and corrupt agendas that have worked their way into the fabric of our education system. Agendas that in my view are in real effect, racially divisive, immoral, and have purely Marxist-socialist objectives.

With regard to this election, having eight grandchildren of school age, I have made it a priority to pay more attention to the school board candidates. I have no doubt all the candidates are fine people, and yet when I consider the youth of our community and my responsibility to them, I needed to be confident my vote would address my concerns.

For that reason, I was very happy to have a conversation with Rodney Cooper who is running for Position No. 1. I was happy because besides learning of the obvious qualifications his more than four decades of classroom experience brings, it is clear Rodney Cooper is committed to being appropriately involved. Including frequenting the halls and classrooms of Sisters schools some of which he has taught within in order to ensure every child has access to a quality education that will produce the capable and competitive young people we all hope to see.

Rodney Cooper also recognizes the clear and present danger of agenda-driven education. For the sake of protecting our youth from such indoctrination, Rodney Cooper is committed to keeping the purpose of education pure and is unabashedly and specifically opposed to equity programing, Critical Race Theory, and comprehensive sex education being overly woven into every subject.

For these reasons I hope my fellow citizens in the community of Sisters will join me in voting for Rodney Cooper for Position No. 1 on the Sisters School Board. For more info visit

Troy Smith

Apology for bad behavior

To the Editor:

I participated in a very unfortunate situation the other day. While at the post office, I experienced uncharacteristically poor customer service from the wonderful Sisters Post Office. I then proceeded to carry out extremely poor and unacceptable behavior.

I would ask that any person who feels that they have been in any way slighted by another person, that they give pause and take a breath before they proceed to consequences that could become emotionally and physically regrettable — to everyone involved.

I would like to apologize to the staff at the Sisters Post Office and any postal patrons who witnessed these events on Thursday afternoon. I am sorry.

Scott Stoery


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