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Students look forward to next year

For many kids at the Sisters’ Middle School (SMS), the transition from 8th grade into high school can be a very challenging experience. It can be nerve-wracking and a bit scary.

Eighth grader Jack Turpen told The Nugget, “I’m looking forward to many things including new opportunities, experiences, and meeting new people.

Sisters High School offers so many unique programs and electives, including the flight program, the woodworking program, IEE, and many more exciting classes.

I’m also looking forward to meeting new instructors and classmates while building new relationships with them.

“Something I am nervous about is the high school workload.

I’m currently used to an 8th-grade workload with COVID restrictions, and I’m hesitant to see how I will do my freshman year with more homework while also managing a media production service.

Overall, I’m excited and ready to move on to high school and the experiences that come with it.”

The Nugget asked counselor Rick Kroytz what he would have to say to people who are a little scared about the transition. He said that “Sisters High school will not be as hard as you may think if you keep up on your schoolwork, stay organized, and communicate with your teachers.”

LINK Crew is specifically designed to ease the transition between middle and high school.

The LINK Crew Student Leaders of 2020-2021 put together 10 tips for incoming highschoolers:

• Know your teachers’ office hours and use them. Teachers will always be there for you. Don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher. This includes emailing them with questions and concerns.

• Get involved! Step outside your comfort zone and try new things.

• Use your free time to do your homework. Use your planner and stay organized and make sure you are submitting the correct things.

• Be open minded, flexible, and positive.

• Don’t just do things to check boxes, do things to learn — take your time, even when working from home, the work is still important.

• You can eat lunch wherever you want – but keep the plazas clean!

• Read the books instead of the Spark Notes — they are so worth it!

• People aren’t going to judge you — be yourself!

• Always make sure you are muted during zoom calls.

• This is a fresh start for you academically and socially — make yourself happy!

• Always make sure to be nice to others.

Jillian Frankl, LINK Crew co-coordinator told The Nugget, “There are so many resources here at Sisters High School to help you in every way. Starting something new can be nerve-wracking, but don’t be afraid to reach out for support from your teachers, counselors, school staff and peers. Together we will help you make your high school experience a wonderful one!”

Lynne Fendall, LINK Crew co-coordinator, said, “This is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Expand your interests, social circles, classes, sports — you are free to try new things to help find your path.”


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