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Home Styled opens in Sun Ranch Business Park

Jennifer Beech has been designing spaces since she was a youngster. She’s always had an eye for styling, from entire homes to a room or bookshelf needing a new look that balances practicality with personal style. Her ability to find perfect pieces throughout Central Oregon that are affordable and unique has her customers enjoying their homes even more.

“I love hearing about our customers’ spaces, and the new homes they’re building or buying. They’re so motivated and eager to learn about what’s possible. It’s fun to get excited with people and hear their ideas. I love helping them find their style and watching it all come together,” said Beech in her new business called Home Styled, located in Sun Ranch Business Park.

Beech knows your home is a big part of life.

“You spend so much time in it and it’s important to make the most of it,” she said. “All the furniture I offer had a life before Home Styled. Now I’m giving it a new purpose for my customers. I do the sifting to find those treasures and bring them here. We’ve curated a good mix of trendy stuff and those tried-and-true items like a well-made oak table. You name it, we’ll do all we can to find it. When customers know what they’re looking for, I’ll keep searching until it’s finally placed in the perfect spot in their home.”

A part of the Sisters community for 30 years, Beech moved to town after high school and raised her son, Randon, here. She’s excited to see the Sun Ranch area growing and wanted to be a part of it.

“There’s growth all around us and it’s exciting,” she said. “After living here this many years, it’s fun to participate in Sisters’ next chapter.”

Before she took the plunge and opened her own store, Beech began volunteering with the nonprofit Furnish Hope.

“They furnish houses for families in need of furniture and household essentials,” she said. “Furnish Hope is dear to my heart. I respect their mission and the work they do. They’re helping people all over Deschutes County including Sisters.”

To learn more about Furnish Hope, Beech suggests people visit their website at

Through her volunteer work, Beech began thinking about what home meant to her and how she could bring that feeling to more people. Home Styled was the answer.

“Bringing all of that together in Sisters, a place that I love, was a calling I couldn’t ignore. I was meant to do it here,” said Beech.

Home Styled offers a mix of tenderly used furniture and new items like pillows and blankets. “I source them and find those pieces that speak to me. They’re the ones I bring in because I know they’re the kind of items my customers want. I’m very selective about the pieces I offer. When I’m choosing pieces for the store, it’s all about textures, usually in natural colors and elements, lots of wood, and rugs under your feet that feel good when you walk on them,” she said.

Over the years, Beech has had friends call and say, “Would you please come and Jen my room?” Now her expertise is available to everyone.

“I have eclectic taste that often includes vintage pieces.

We source pieces that are comfortable, affordable and, of course, look great.

I think what we’ve got here has something for everyone, and all kinds of occasions.

Families that don’t have a big budget can find pieces like couches.

We can style your home office and make it more efficient.

Transforming or repurposing one room into another is fun for me to do.

A lot of people say they don’t know what their style is.

Everyone has a style, it just might not have a specific name.

We all know what makes us happy and smile when we walk into a room.”

Home Styled includes a floral cooler supplied by local florist, Tracy Curtis of Woodland Floral. She offers grab-and-go options of bouquets and individual flowers.

“Our hope is to start having monthly floral design classes with different styles and fun ideas for the holidays. Tracy has such a good eye for décor and design,” said Beech.

No job is too small or too big for Beech. The store has gifts focused on home décor from bedroom sets to home offices.

Along with the retail sales, Home Styled works on weddings, small events, and staging homes. Beech welcomes everyone to come by and see what she has to offer. Home Styled is located at 251 E. Sun Ranch Drive in Sisters. You can reach Jennifer Beech at [email protected] or 541-420-5764.


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