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Don’t be fooled by Critical Race Theory

This is a big deal.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not to be dismissed as just an innocent academic theory, and should not be given legitimacy, worth, factual equivalency, or moral equivalency.

For example, does another failed social theory like eugenics have any moral equivalency for legitimate comparative study in the classroom? I think not. Both are fringe and illegitimate. One is either uninformed or has nefarious intent, to believe a radical, Marxist-based, “academic” theory like Critical Race Theory will be positive for our nation, will educate our children with truth, or bring a fracturing society together.

There is no misinterpretation of CRT, only the hiding of its intents. In the June 30 article on page 1 of The Nugget, “Critical Race Theory and Sisters schools,” Mr. Bartlett gave a brief history of CRT, but in no way did it expose CRT’s true agenda or danger to our republic.

Before I go on, it must be said that myself and the vast majority of our citizens are not racists and our country is not systemically racist. Rejecting CRT is not rejecting racial equality or any reforms! Given the current environment, spreading of propaganda and misinformation, there needs to be a conversation about race relations. However, that conversation cannot be driven by CRT, certainly not without strong, contemporaneous counter arguments. The roots and goals of CRT and the related junk history of “The 1619 Project” must be exposed to light of day and not brought into our public schools.

Our Constitution and American system are a successful work in progress, and have developed and self-corrected like no other in history. This continuing development must be in the spirit of 1776, as directed by our Constitution, not by the current accelerating Marxist cultural revolution in America and its dark view of our country and our future.

For further proof and information about the creators of Critical Theory, which gave rise to CRT, look up who the following people are (I do not mean Wikipedia or the first couple results from Google): Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, and Franklin School disciples like Cloward & Piven, Saul Alinsky, Derrick Bell, Angela Davis, and members of the Weather Underground.

Decades ago, once these Marxists realized that within our system, with its ability for citizens to rise economically and with our strong, patriotic, assimilated working class, Americans could not be indoctrinated by the economic class warfare proposed by Marx, they switched to race. Critical Theory and CRT are the new leftist/Marxist warfare to divide and “fundamentally” change America.

Do not be fooled by the now-hijacked words and phrases like “social justice” and “equity.” For CRT, “equity” is not the pursuit of equality. The use of equity training is not in pursuit of equality for all, nor equality of opportunity; it is equity of outcome, meaning, among other things, its forced results and taking from one group and giving to another. Dumbing down achievement, eventually taking away incentive and innovation.

Any teacher in the district proposing a curriculum discussing, including, or adapting CRT, or The 1619 Project into the classroom needs to disclose to parents, the community, and school board the materials, where they came from, and who paid for it. If this material somehow makes it in to the classroom, at minimum there needs to be equal time for opposing facts, views, and historical context.

Americans, especially American parents, need to be made aware of what CRT and The 1619 Project are really all about; once that occurs, I am convinced that, just like the Black parents mentioned in Mr. Bartlett’s article, Americans will reject this biased, negative, intellectually bankrupt CRT push into our culture and schools.


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