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Letters to the editor - 8/4/2021

In defense of McDonald’s

To the Editor:

I am writing this in defense of McDonald’s [regarding false reports of firefighters being turned away].

The people that work there are always courteous and treat us with respect, and believe me, we eat there more than we should. The help is always primarily young people that are trying to do what they are told to do. Some of them are from foreign countries and may not speak English as their first language.

When the firefighters come in the morning, they are not charged for their breakfast. I know the manager would not treat them poorly. I’m sure there was some confusion by the young people as to what to do that close to closing with such a large group coming in. Granted, it was not the best response, but I’m sure they did not mean it to be disrespectful.

I know the manager has received a lot of calls with people swearing at them. That doesn’t need to happen, and shows no maturity on the part of the caller. Obviously, it should not have happened, but it did, and being disrespectful to others is not right. Before condemning the people working there, find out what happened and why.

No one is perfect and mistakes happen. I’m sure they have learned a valuable lesson from this and will not let it happen again. Remember the saying, treat others as you would like to be treated.

Darlene and John Knox

(Editor’s note: The Nugget is following up on this matter and will have a story in the August 11 edition clarifying what did and did not occur in this incident.)

Equity vs. equality

To the Editor:

Equity is not equality. The school board seeks to teach equity to our children. The concept of equity means equal outcome regardless of merit.

If you work hard to create a business or career should someone who has not be given your asset? That is equity.

Let’s scrap this nonsense and get back to what works. Equality of opportunity is what works. Anyone who puts the work into their goals should and will be able to succeed. This is America and we all live here.

Jody Prisi

Trump and Sinatra response

To the Editor:

The letter by Terry Coultas praising and criticizing President Trump (and Frank Sinatra) serves my personal politics about the same way as Terry’s: “Seeing past dislike” (The Nugget, July 28).

Trump’s personality did rub people the wrong way, Democrats and Republicans alike. But remember, the evangelical Christian bloc is the group that put Trump over the top to attain the White House in 2016. As president, Trump followed through with his campaign promises of pro-life and religious freedoms policies.

But when President Trump was in office, the liberal media wouldn’t touch his pro-life and religious freedom accomplishments with a 10-foot pole. The last things the liberal media care about are the pro-life movement and religious freedoms in public policies. These two things are anathema to the Democratic Party and their constituents.

The savvy evangelical Christian (and Catholic) voters kept track of Trump’s efforts for these two noble causes and were prepared to reward him with the same votes to put him back in the White House in the 2020 election. But the Democratic Party voters came out in record numbers just to deny Trump a second term. It worked. We, the devout religious, lost the best pro-life president that America has ever seen.

Dan Pryor

CRT ‘smoke and mirrors’ response

To the Editor:

In the July 28 Nugget, Susan Cobb, guest columnist, declared it’s just “Smoke and mirrors on Critical Race Theory.”

Susan quotes information from websites regarding CRT but left out one critical name tied to the origin and development of the theories: Karl Marx. From her points of reference, Susan concluded that the “hype being promulgated across the USA about CRT is just that.”

I lovingly disagree with her conclusion. Susan may not be aware of what is starting to happen in school boards and communities across the nation as parents start to see what is taught and what is planned to teach their children: propaganda that is destructive and contrary to the common sense teachings of MLK and gospel of Jesus Christ.

What if little Johnny comes home from his first day as a third grader in Sisters and tells Mom and Dad he learned about being ashamed of his whiteness and must confess to being privileged so as not to be a racist? In his excitement to share all that he learned little Johnny asks his Dad (retired PhD Intel mathematician), “Did you know that 2+2 doesn’t necessarily equal 4?”

What can parents do? All parents, concerned citizens, and church leaders must stand up and speak out in defense of our children from the CRT derived racist/Marxist propaganda targeting them from the far left. Real life, not theory, necessitates teaching actual recorded history (positive or negative), math, English, and writing to compete in a complex world. That simple education methodology has worked in America since our founding; resulting in America becoming the world’s greatest nation and the most sought-after place on earth to live and succeed in freedom.

What value to society is a “theory” seeking to divide? It’s probably no more valuable than teaching the ancient theory that the earth is flat or the sun revolves around the earth. (All from scholars and academics, of course.)

One individual knowledgeable in CRT history and ideology behind the various theories is Voddie Baucham. His teachings on CRT can be found on YouTube and parents, etc. need to educate themselves. World-renowned surgeon Dr. Ben Carson also offers his point of view on CRT; worth researching.

A discussion/analysis on racism back in 2017 with Morgan Freeman and Don Lemon (also available on Youtube) is pretty enlightening in my opinion.

Jeff Mackey


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