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Presidential failings

To the Editor:

I applaud Owen Herzberg’s letter to the editor (Wednesday, September 22) written from the heart of a veteran of the Vietnam war (“America on the wrong course”). This letter should be a wake-up call to all Americans to hold accountable President Biden and his administration for the debacle happening before our eyes at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

This President has failed on many fronts, outlined in Mr. Herzberg’s letter, but alarming is the fact that no one is taking responsibility or being held accountable for these failures. What kind of message is that for us and our children?

We only need to focus on the Afghan failures, although our southern border chaos is a close second. The Afghan withdrawal is one of the sorriest American failures in decades — hundreds of Americans and Afghans left behind; $60-80 billion in equipment; 13 servicemen and women murdered — all because this President had a deadline to meet. He, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, may want us to forget, but the world will remember.

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Character matters, but character has many parts. One is judgment and another is the courage to admit a mistake. This President is failing on both counts. I’m afraid that with three and a half years to go in this presidency, our world is going to become much more dangerous.

Dick Brady

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To the Editor:

Our President and governor can only make sense if they admit they are going to control this population for as long as possible. I see no end in sight. We have allowed this without our consent. When will the mainstream media stop supporting this insanity?

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Quoted from Scott Masson:

“To say that the health of people allegedly protected by mRNA shots are now somehow threatened by those who decline the protection is of the same order of logic as saying that those who wear seatbelts are endangered by those who don’t. And the solution is for the protected to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that doesn’t protect the


All I can consider is the fear generated by these politicians’ forces, with the media’s help, has driven people over this cliff of leaving logical, moral, and ethical thinking.

Rick Judy

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Separation of church and state

To the Editor:

In Jeff Mackey’s letter of September 15, he says that the constitution does not state “separation of church and state.”

In fact, the phrase was coined by Thomas Jefferson in Article 1 of the Bill of Rights, which was later adopted as the first 10 amendments to the constitution in 1791. This prevents the establishment of a “national church” meaning essentially that the government can’t tell you what to believe or how to worship. Nor can you tell other citizens what to believe. Religion must not be part of the governing process.

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Thomas Jefferson is one of the founding fathers of our nation and should be respected for his contribution to the development of the American democracy. He was not in favor of giving up rights to the government, in fact he thought the constitution should be torn up every 100 years or so to update it and revisit the process of democracy. Not all of us have the same beliefs, so we must respect each other’s point of view, while using common sense and scientific information to agree on policies to make laws.

Sisters Furry Friends Foundation

Sharon Booth


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