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Astronomy club looks to the skies in Sisters

Noted amateur astronomer Mel Bartels will be the featured presenter at the Sisters Astronomy Club’s virtual Zoom meeting on Tuesday, October 19, beginning at 7 p.m.

His talk is entitled “Killer Asteroids: When will the next one hit?”

Asteroid impacts are the stuff of movies and screaming headlines. But what are scientists saying about the chances of an asteroid colliding with the earth? What should you do if you find yourself, warning or no warning, in an impact zone? What is an


Bartels will answer these questions and many more at the meeting.

As evidence of his expertise in this area, the International Astronomical Union named asteroid 17823 “Bartels” in 1998, for Bartels’ contributions to amateur astronomy.

Everyone is invited to join this meeting. To do so, go to the link:

Meeting ID: 819 6356 1802

Passcode: Yj9VWt


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