Letters to the Editor 1/04/2022


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Sisters looks beautiful

To the Editor:

Driving through Sisters yesterday evening, we were struck at how very beautiful our town is all aglow with holiday lights. I have never seen Sisters looking more lovely. Many thanks to the merchants and the City for lighting up these long winter nights.

I hope this glorious display can remain in place through February at least.

Suzanne Pepin

The Jesus vaccine

To the Editor:

I’ve always been taught that history is the best teacher of what not to do or how to navigate forward so as to prevent disasters/mistakes that happened in the past. It seems we humans really have a hard time with that concept from the time we learned to walk (voice of experience).

Most Americans are familiar with the story where in the beginning God created the earth, Adam and Eve, and declared: “It is good.” We could have all been created mindless zombies but in my opinion God’s first act of love to His human creation was the gift of free will, aka freedom to choose. Our Creator is the source of good and


When offered to become “like God,” Adam and Eve chose the serpent and launched the world’s most deadly virus of evil/sin that has infected humans for thousands of years, causing wars, pestilence, hate, murder, lust for power over others, and rebellion against God. History has been the teacher we can still learn from.

Choices have consequences; sometimes good, sometimes bad, and many times with unintended consequences. Throughout recorded history the levels of evil/sin that infected humans are horrific, including innocent child sacrifice. In the face of this seemingly endless pandemic, God once chose to destroy humanity with a flood and at other times intervene or destroy entire nations.

Having just celebrated the birth of Christ, believers acknowledge the ultimate demonstration of God’s love for us in providing the ultimate vaccine: His one and only Son. Jesus is the vaccine of eternal life, wellness, peace, love, and so many other cures for the Triple Six pandemic. There is no better medicine for humanity.

Can we as a sovereign nation learn from America’s short history? Founded clearly upon Christian principles, I believe God constructed a wall of protection around America since our birth that may be crumbling under the same Triple Six pandemic that continues to viciously infect the entire world.

Where do we go from here? In 2022 will we ignore the lessons of history to become another China, Russia, or Cuba? Or will we be able to humble ourselves, seek God’s forgiveness, consider the Jesus vaccine, and thrive once again as One Nation Under God? The other good news is that there are no boosters and a great manual is available to help build our personal relationship with Jesus. It’s sometimes referred to as Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth and is full of historical lessons learned and credible counsel for living a fulfilled life. It’s not too late to seek the Jesus vaccine; what do we have to lose?

Jeff Mackey


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