Letters to the Editor 1/18/2022


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Whose disinformation?

To the Editor:

I was simply mildly incredulous in reading a letter in this publication two weeks ago that asserted that 40-year-old Soviet propaganda was similar to “right-wing propaganda that has infected our country.” But, to find in another letter last week that there are, yet, apparently others among us who share such delusion is truly disheartening.

The original writer said that the “right-wing (yes, not the left): applied incendiary labels to opponents, misleadingly lumps opponents together, peddles lies, disinformation, blames opponents for things that they have little or no direct responsibility for, cynically exaggerates failures and ignores beneficial successes, reduces complicated topics to misleading conclusions, hypocritically ignores egregious misconduct by allies, stokes anger and outrage and relies on their domination of mass and social media. Whew! Where to begin?

Deplorables (noncompliant voters), gun-toting bible-hugging rednecks (largely rural conservatives), racists

(anyone deemed a threat), terrorists (concerned parents), insurrectionists (demonstrators), yes, incendiary, but not from the

right. As far as lumping opponents together, see the


Peddling lies and disinformation? Look no further than the “Steele Dossier,” or the much-maligned Covington High students or the acquitted “racist” teenager involved in a self-defense shooting. Blame game? Whose efforts got us the life- saving COVID-19 vaccine at “warp speed,” and was first to delay travel from infected areas into this country to give us critical reaction time?

Exaggerated failures? Does the “successful” withdrawal from Afghanistan ring a bell? Talk about a whopper! I could go on, but you get my drift and could likely embellish, as can I, for pages.

Finally, a word on stoking “anger and outrage.” One need look no further than Mr. Biden’s ill-advised remarks marking one year since the riot at the nation’s Capitol on January 6. Not really a “kumbayah” moment, but an opportunity, yet again, squandered. However, the “piece de malfeasance” is the last, the right-wing’s “domination of mass and social media”! Huh? Some people need to get out more or be, at least, semiconscious when they do.

Be advised, folks, they walk among us.

Ross Flavel

Poop bags

To the Editor:

To the dog owner(s) around Sisters who bag up their dogs’ poop, and then leave it at the site: Please explain. Thanks.

Larry Griggs


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