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Last updated 3/22/2022 at Noon

- The first phone call I received on January 1, 2022 was at 6 a.m. from ADT, announcing that my ADT receiving unit was getting too cold. The unit was in a bedroom, which I close off in the winter. It was only 40 degrees in there, certainly too cold for an ADT unit.

- Make no mistake about it, Maggie Bull is the original Bull in Sisters; I am “the other Bull,” not Maggie. When Vernon and I moved here in 1986 we joined the Sisters Rodeo Association and Bill and Maggie Bull were two of our favorite people. Years later, when Bill became ill, I was one of their Hospice volunteers. Try as we might, we couldn’t quite connect the dots of our Bull ancestry, though we felt very connected to one another.

- I keep everything that’s going to the dump in my old stock trailer. It makes for the perfect storage shed. After returning from the dump the other day, I couldn’t find my fave garbage can, so I headed right back to the Fryrear Road Transfer Station to retrieve it. To no avail. When I got home I checked the trailer once more and there it was, hiding in plain sight. Out of place. My OCD at its worst.

- Recently I had to take an ambulance ride to the emergency room, for a nosebleed of all things.

Turns out it is very important not to lie down with a nosebleed (duh), which I did for 45 minutes, creating all kinds of problems for myself.

What I really want to write about, though, is the slip of paper I carry at all times: a record of my pertinent medical info.

The EMTs and the emergency room docs were thrilled to have this vital information written out, and only wish everyone would carry a summary of their medical history, prescriptions, etc.

It’s easy to put together and ensures that those treating you have this crucial information immediately, doubly so if you are in dire medical straits.

- There’s nothing new about celery and peanut butter. You either love it or you don’t. I do and I’ve recently made it my go-to evening snack. Quite likely it’s the healthiest no-cholesterol 300 calories of my day.

- I don’t often wish I was younger but lately I’ve been wishing I was at least 50 years younger. If I was in my 20s again, there are a number of job openings right now that I would really like to try on: driving truck, the Army National Guard, kicker on a football team, and working for College H.U.N.K.S., to name a few.


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