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City fees

To the Editor:

As a city councilor for four years, I listened, assessed, and learned. When a citizen’s issue came before council, I attempted to wear their shoes and imagined myself in their situation. Being a councilor is not gloating over your name on a coffee cup and being on a name plaque at the diocese (sic).

I recently learned the Veterans were required this year by the City to pay for their public event on Memorial Day. I wonder if the City Manager and City Council knew that they wouldn’t have their positions if it weren’t for our veterans making the ultimate sacrifices for our freedoms…

In regards to [Sue] Stafford’s article on “New event fees under effect in Sisters,” The Nugget, June 1, page 1, Stafford’s article boasts about other venues wanting to come to Sisters.

The Gem Show, after several years stopped coming to Sisters due to City Hall turmoil and chaos within management at Public Works.

Stafford also quotes the City in the article, about impacts and damage to the parks and that taxpayers shouldn’t be responsible.

Public Works has never done a cost analysis even though I asked many times while I was on City Council.

Public Works never kept records, and only based their costs on opinions and assumptions.

Also all event promoters were required to pay a deposit in advance for damages that might occur.

I found the whole article to be misleading.

There is some very good staff at City Hall and there are some that are in management positions that should not be. This is your City, whether you live in the city limits or not. It’s time for more accountability, transparency, and a bipartisan City Council with term limits. I have no problem being transparent, speaking up, and criticizing. What about you?

Richard Esterman


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