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Vandals disrespecting the forest

The Whychus Creek watershed has undergone an amazing amount of restoration and stream improvement over more than a decade. The riparian areas have been improved and replanted. Old dams and barriers have been removed to encourage fish passage. More water runs in the creek year-round. Millions of dollars have gone into these projects.

Local citizens and visitors are enjoying these improvements. However, there have been recent incidences of dumped trash, graffiti, and vandalism that mar the area’s natural beauty.

Sisters District Ranger Ian Reid and a Sisters Trails Alliance trail steward both reported finding graffiti on a large rock along the Whychus Creek trail south of town, which will be removed as soon as the best method to do so is determined. The U.S. Forest Service just removed damage from signs at Scout Lake.

If residents or visitors see damage or witness destructive acts along the creek or anywhere in the forest, they are urged to notify the appropriate officials.

Officials repeat the mantra: If you see something, say something. Reid said reports can be made to the following offices: Sisters Ranger Station 541-549-7701; Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number 541-603-6911; and Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center 541-316-7700. For damage along the creek in Creekside Park and Campground, contact the City Public Works Department – Troy Rayburn 541-323-5220 or after-hours emergency on-call 541-480-7634.


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