Wildfire risk map shows Sisters properties


Last updated 7/5/2022 at Noon

The Oregon Wildfire Risk Explorer was released online Wednesday, June 29. Given the intense interest by property owners to learn about their land’s or building’s risk rating, the system’s server was clunky and struggling to keep up with demand. It improved the next day, but it may not be up to full speed for a few more days, as it is a statewide tool (bit.ly/WildfireRiskExplorer).

It appears to be intuitive and fairly easy to use for everyday Internet users.

The Nugget picked five random properties representative of the community and learned that ratings are mixed, with none of our sample falling into the Extreme Risk category.

A home on Mountain View Road (Squaw Creek Estates) rated High. It is within the WUI (Wildfire Urban Interface). A Moderate rating went to a home on Conestoga in Tollgate, the Camp Sherman Store property, and a home in Crossroads. A horse property on N. Pine Street, also within the WUI, rated High.

According to Chief Roger Johnson of the Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District, in general, most of the densely populated areas of the city have been classified as Moderate risk and defensible space code requirements and home hardening requirements likely will not apply.

Johnson found several properties within city limits that are classified as High risk, for which these requirements will apply.

“Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District recommends that, regardless of risk classification, all homeowners should prepare defensible space around their home,” Johnson advised.

Ponderosa Properties - Sisters, Oregon Realtor

Elaborating on the map’s findings, Johnson reported that the entire community of Tollgate is classified as Moderate risk, as is Crossroads, both subdivisions surrounded entirely by forest. There are a couple lots in Crossroads that are classified as High risk. Most of the densely populated areas of Camp Sherman are rated Moderate risk. Areas North of Sisters are generally classified as High risk and will be subject to defensible space codes once they are adopted.

Johnson adds, “The website has information about how the risk was assessed and links to other sites that will be helpful in reducing wildfire risk on their property. Property owners can also download a homeowners report for their property.”


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