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Letters to the Editor 9/21/2022

Trump and the law

To the Editor:

Next time you see a Trump flag, highway sign or T-shirt, consider pity. Rather than getting irritated at the ignorance that cost our country decades of progress, rather than anger at the attempted coup that nearly cost us the heart of our democracy, rather than fear at the constant disregard for social and legal norms that have left millions distrustful of the core institutions of our republic, consider pity.

Pity that each one represents someone who fell prey to the greatest political con job in modern history, that is still bilking millions out of hardworking Americans’ pockets. Pity that many are still falling for the same “evil other” rhetoric that benefits the lifestyles of deceptive fraudsters almost as much as our nation’s actual adversaries like Russia.

Pity that the dollars donated could well have been used on college tuition, health care, savings, and recreation that would have benefited those individuals and their families. Perhaps mostly, pity that a few at some level take the difficult step of recognizing they’ve been conned and yet still argue and cling to unsupported “alternative facts” that lead to additional time and financial contribution.

Pity doesn’t absolve those who have committed crimes, however. Those individuals, while earning pity, merit accountability for their actions. The true concept of justice is crying out for legal and rational accountability to make our nation’s future about mutually agreed upon laws rather than the rule of the loudest, scariest, or most obnoxious voice in the room. That those voices have recently had as much influence as they have is also a pity.

John Apres

Re: Trump

To the Editor:

Re: Trump —How dare he threaten the country with implied violence should he be indicted? Seems like he might be. And if so, how dare he suggest that his followers might create turmoil? How can he, a former President of this nation, not respect and willingly abide by the law of the land, the workings of the Constitution, the traditions that have, at least until now, defined us as a model government?

Richard Lyons

Fire signs

To the Editor:

Hats off to the Sisters Ranger District for posting those garish, impossible-to-ignore burning prohibition signs all over town — and all of the federal forest. Perhaps next year our many retail stores that sell firewood during the height of fire season to one and all will follow suit.

Jeff Tryens


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