Kenneth Harlan Knox April 13, 1932 - September 17, 2022


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Ken Knox passed away Saturday, September 17.

Since retirement in 1986 he enjoyed his time at residences at Black Butte Ranch, Rancho Mirage, California, and Salem.

He worked at Tektronix, Inc. in Beaverton from 1960 until his retirement in 1986. He was in finance and served as treasurer of the company. He was also president of Tektronix Export Corporation and director of Tektronix International A.G.

Ken was a member of the Society of International Treasurers, National Association of Treasurers, Financial Executive Institute, and the National Association of Credit Management, where he was the national president from 1973-74 and the Oregon president from 1967-68, as well as a fellow of the National Institute of Credit. He served as director of the Black Butte Ranch Corporation, Lincoln Savings and Loan Association, and Seattle University Village, Inc.

He served as an adjunct professor in international finance at Oregon State University, and Lewis and Clark. Ken attended Grant High School, Willamette University and Northwestern College of Law, and participated in executive programs at Stanford University, Indiana University, and Lewis and Clark College.

He was chairman of the Oregon College Young Republicans and of the Young Republican College Council for the 11 western states.

Ken was a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

Born in Portland, April 13, 1932, Ken is survived by his wife, Alicia, and by his children with his late wife Nelda, a son, Greg Knox; a daughter, Wesley Sanberg; and a granddaughter, Savannah Sanberg.


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