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The people behind SPRD... Peggy Tehan

Peggy Tehan has lived in Sisters for over 38 years, and she raised her children here. Tehan is currently serving as the Sisters Park & Recreation District (SPRD) board president. She has been serving on the board for over 12 years, taking over the director position from John Bushnell. She worked as board treasurer before serving as president this year.

“I help out with the financial statement and auditing process and being available for staff questions regarding the board or organization,” said Tehan.

Tehan’s role on the board is her way of giving back to her community.

“People here set the bar high for volunteering and being involved in the community, and my parents did it, and I want to be an active part of the community,” said Tehan.

SPRD started out as SOAR (Sisters Organization for Activities and Recreation) with a group of community members providing after-school care and activities for youth. It then morphed into a formal parks and recreation district, providing options for adults and community members for clubs, activities, and youth programs.

“The biggest thing we want to continue developing is being an asset to community in any way we can,” said Tehan.

Tehan acts as sort of a facilitator for helping things move forward with the District.

“I try and be realistic and prioritize availability for needs and fill in primary positions,” she said.

Tehan has felt and reaped the benefits of living in Sisters, raising her own family in the unique community.

Tehan worked most of her life as an accountant and she continues to maintain a limited accounting practice for nonprofits.

“Everyone needs an accountant. I retired a couple years ago but I still do some work and have been able to get through trying situations and able to bring that experience to the board,” she said.

Tehan teaches the beginner ukulele class at SPRD for students.

“It’s fun to use a different skill set,” she said.

Tehan and the board are currently working on bringing the District out of restrictions they had during COVID, by bringing more adult programs back and continuing to work on special events put on by the District.

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