Letters to the Editor 12/07/2022


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On buying local

To the Editor:

Most of Sisters and Sisters Country residents know all about buying local.

We know that it stimulates our local economy and allows sustainability of our local businesses and services through the months when tourism is low.

Besides the laudable stores, shops, restaurants, galleries, and venues, we also have a great movie house, Sisters Movie House.

I would like to give a shout out to our local movie house.

I am a consummate moviegoer.

I am not one who is knowledgeable about actors, producers, or even names of movies.

My sister is a great source for such information, current or past.

We go to the movies for the big screen and good popcorn or grilled cheese sandwiches, to be entertained, to learn something, and/or to be awed while we nosh.

Entertained? Go see “The Menu," (a spoof on why one would pay $1000-plus for a meal).

Learn something? See “Devotion,” (based on true story about a notorious U.S. Black aviator).

Be awed? Go see “Avatar: The Way of Water,” coming soon to a theater very near you.

The pandemic hit the movie industry hard. Our movie house was no exception. But they survived. Let’s keep Sisters Movie House alive and kicking no matter what. Say hello to owners Drew and Yee and their very accommodating staff, and then enjoy a couple hours away from cell phones, news, dishes, and the mundane.

Susan Cobb

STA logo

To the Editor:

While I don’t agree with the STA signage theft, I do find the new STA (Sisters Trails Alliance) logo — clever as it is — does not convey “Sisters Trails” like the OG logo did. Again, while clever and very cool, if you’re riding by you really have no idea what it is or what it means, or may even miss it on a ponderosa with its light green color.

Sweeney Plumbing 541-549-4349

From a bike saddle the new signage looks like a corporate logo of some sort (ouch, sorry). Not wanting to rag on the talented illustrator/artist, but when you’re out riding in the woods, especially when on forest roads, and you don’t know if you’re allowed to be there or not — and then see that shining beacon on the tree with the Sisters Trails Alliance emblem, it goes beyond comfort and easy to spot with its contrasting blue and green colors against the ponderosa or sign post.

Sisters Oregon Guide

I’m a regular rider of the PRT, Crossroads, Tie, etc., and the countless fire/forest roads and have met many a Sisters visitor on the trials and forest roads. How does a visitor know what the STA emblem means? I hope the STA rethinks the signage. And while I really do love the new logo, I would love it for T-shirts, hats, stickers, etc. (here’s my wallet!), but I would really love to see the OG blue and green signage back on our trails and fire/forest roads. And lastly, most importantly…

Thank you to all the volunteers at the STA for all they do and all the happiness they bring to others!

Monica Solorio-Snow


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