By Cathy Russell
Guest Columnist 

Sunset Meadows project should be redesigned


Last updated 12/6/2022 at Noon

Change is inevitable but the proposed Sunset Meadows development is not a well-thought-out development. The proposal does not promote quality of life, mitigate the efforts of growth, or maintain the unique community character of Sisters. Four of the five key themes/priorities garnered through community input in the developing of Sisters’ Comprehensive Plan.

The proposal does not meet the following goals stated in the Comprehensive Plan:

Goal 3: “Encourage growth to strike a balance between urban scale development and preserving the history, natural beauty, and character of the community.” The proposal is an urban scale development. It does not belong at the beginning of a designated scenic byway. It does absolutely nothing to enhance or preserve the natural beauty of the area.

Goal 4: “Maintain and enhance the livability of Sisters as a welcoming community with a high quality of life and a strong community identity.”

This proposal does not encourage community. There are no gathering areas for proposed community members.

Policy 4.1.1:“The City shall recognize and conserve the environment and natural resources that enhance the community’s identity, including open spaces, natural landscaping, outdoor recreation areas, historic structures, and architectural styles, and public art.”

There are no open spaces within this proposal.

Goal 5: “Meet the housing needs of current and future residents, as well as the region’s private and public sector employers by creating opportunities for development of a wide range of housing for all ages and income levels, including housing that is safe and high quality and that includes design features and transitions that contribute to compatibility with existing neighborhoods.”

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According to data in the Comprehensive Plan, based on the 1,100 needed units, 66 percent single family detached, 10 percent single family attached, 11 percent duplex, triplex, and 11 percent multifamily units will be needed.

Sunset Meadows, as presented, will provide 13 percent single family detached, 28 percent single family attached, zero duplex, triplex, and 59 percent multifamily units. This proposal does not meet the actual housing needs of the community.

Goal 6.1: “Protect, conserve, and enhance the quality of the city’s natural and scenic resources, maintain the quality of its air, land, and wildlife habitat, and improve community health.”

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This project basically clear-cuts 13 acres with a sparse buffer along Highway 242, a scenic byway, and one of the best views of the icon of Sisters.

Goal 7.1: “Plan, develop, maintain, and enhance recreation opportunities, scenic views, and open spaces to meet the needs of community members and enhance their physical and mental health.”

The need for parks has been identified in several City documents. There are no parks on the west side of town. This proposal dumps hundreds more people on the west side of town, which is underserved. Postage-stamp parks do not meet the needs for families and individuals seeking an outdoor experience.

This proposal will have a negative impact on the community. Sometimes preserving a community is far more important than maximizing development.

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Redesign this project to reflect the goals stated in the Comprehensive Plan.

Redesign it with respect and thoughtfulness to the natural beauty of the area and the citizens of Sisters.

Change is inevitable. Ugliness is not.


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