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Nancy Connolly praised for service

At her final City Council meeting on December 14, after eight years of serving the people of Sisters, Council President Nancy Connolly was showered with gratitude and well wishes from the other councilors and City staff.

Public Works Director Paul Bertagna provided a comprehensive list of all the projects, programs, personnel, and plans in which Connolly had a hand. It is an impressive list which, with a moist eye, led Bertagna to summarize by telling Connolly, “Everywhere you walk, you can see what you’ve done.”

Scott Woodford, community development director, thanked Connolly for welcoming him when he first came to work at City Hall.

“You have always been very professional with the staff, and you have always taken time to understand the issues,” he said.

Finance Director Joe O’Neill remarked that he is impressed with “how evolved and effective the City Council has become” during her tenure.

“I appreciate your thoughtfulness and compassion,” O’Neill told Connolly.

Being the City money man, O’Neill had some figures to share. “The 2015-16 budget was $11.5 million. The latest 2022-23 budget is now $25 million. That’s a budget change you’ve been part of.”

Kerry Prosser, city recorder, had some numbers as well. She estimated that over her eight years, Connolly attended 400 public noticed meetings, another 400 informal meetings, and spent thousands of hours on City business.

“You’ve always wanted what was best for the City,” Prosser said. “The staff has really appreciated you.”

Mayor Michael Preedin told Connolly, “I have loved working with you. I couldn’t have been mayor without you.”

Connolly told those in the Council chamber, “Serving as a City Councilor has been a huge learning experience. I have enjoyed working behind the scenes with City Council and City staff.”

Her loss of privacy when out in public, and sometimes at home, is the only downside Connolly found in being a public servant. She walks a lot and sometimes felt like a moving target for disgruntled citizens who wanted to bend her ear about a Council decision with which they didn’t agree.

When someone takes the time to give positive feedback, Connolly said, “A kernel of positive belief in what you’re doing can keep you going.”

In closing, she said, “What makes this town successful is what goes on behind the scenes.”


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