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Rick Curlett wrote:

This past Wednesday morning I was preparing to drive from Sisters to an appointment in Sunriver. As I got into my car and started to back out of my driveway I noticed one of the warning lights on my dashboard came on indicating that I had low tire pressure! I got out of the car and looked at all four tires and couldn’t see anything wrong, however the thought of having a flat tire going up Lava Butte in the freezing-cold weather was not something I wanted to take a chance with.

I thought of Les Schwab since they are literally a few blocks from my home but I must admit my tires were not purchased from them and I wasn’t sure of their policy regarding that, and I also did not want to be late for my appointment down in Sunriver.

I pulled up to the front of the service doors just as one opened, and one of the technicians was backing a car out that they had just finished servicing.

I rolled down my window and told him my situation regarding the warning light, etc.

and his immediate response was “go ahead and pull up to the next door and I will see what is going on.” He then got the air gauge and went around to all four tires and checked each one (right front was about 10 lbs. low) and he adjusted all four tires as well as verified from a visual inspection the low tire was fine, probably just low due to the extreme cold temps, and it was good to go.

He then wished me Happy Holidays and went back to work. The entire process took less than five minutes, and I was able to make my appointment on time.

I just want everyone in Sisters to know that the entire team at Les Schwab are fantastic, and I have two words that I would like to pass on to them that unfortunately we don’t hear often enough in this age of negativity and that is “THANK YOU!”

Lakeview Millworks 541-549-0968

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