Letters to the Editor 10/25/23


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Beware of scams

To the Editor:

Sue Stafford’s column “Of a certain age: Don’t get fooled, (The Nugget, October 18, page 8) is a story I have also heard from friends and family. She makes it clear that it’s all too easy to be fooled by these practiced fraudsters. Her detailed story will help readers recognize the patterns and emotional “triggers” they use.

Kathy Reynolds

Israel-Hamas war

To the Editor:

The editorial by Jim Cornelius, “War to the Knife,” on October 18” gives us a very good perspective of the crisis in the Middle East. I appreciate his insights and his explanation of the history of conflict in the region, so well-articulated. We are indeed fortunate to have Jim in our small town. I wish his editorial could be published in national media, to achieve the wider dissemination that it deserves.

William Benson

Loss of coverage

To the Editor:

Earlier this week, we received a notice from St. Charles Medical Center to inform us that effective January 1, 2024, St. Charles Hospitals and St. Charles Family Clinics will no longer accept Humana Insurance plans, including prescription coverage.

We have lived in Sisters for seven years, our primary care physicians are located at the St. Charles Family Clinic in Sisters, as are specialists, surgical centers, labs, etc. With this notice, the closest hospital will now be near Salem! We are retired and are now facing a horrific, unknown medical insurance future in locating another medical insurance plan, new primary care physicians, new prescription services, etc.

No doubt there are many other senior citizens in Sisters and Deschutes County who are faced with this uncertain medical future. I find it quite ironic that the first statement on St. Charles’ website is: “Patient care is our #1 priority.”

We and several of our neighbors in the Sisters community would be appreciative and grateful if The Nugget Newspaper featured an article about this unfortunate news from St. Charles, especially since the open enrollment for medical insurance coverage is December 7. Your time and assistance are greatly appreciated.

Janet Swarts

The gravedigger blues

To the Editor:

As a lifelong dog and horse owner Craig Rullman’s recent column struck a melancholy chord. I had to put down my oldest 30-year-old gelding about two months ago. I have a picture in my office of my bending down and touching him when he was hours old, with his dam looking on over my shoulder. My condolences to Craig and I hope he is buoyed by the years of pleasant memories.

Robert Gould


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