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Last updated 5/7/2024 at 9:53am

• The first time I fell into the cyberworld abyss was when I was planning a horse camping trip with a couple of horsewomen, long years ago. While we were going over our to-do lists, Carol offered to check “Craig’s list,” to which I asked indignantly, “WHO IS CRAIG?”

• Talking falling, while packing hay out to Riddle the other morning, I went arse over teakettle and landed in a huge puddle of water the color of three-day-old coffee. It was really quite comical and luckily I’ve gone off enough horses in my lifetime to automatically tuck and roll. No harm done.

• We’ve all been made aware of the scams lurking around us, and just the other day a very close friend of mine fell prey to one. She was taken in hook, line, and sinker, including a big chunk of money. As she said, “Nobody is more cynical and skeptical than I,” yet there she is, heartbroken and wondering how this happened to her. These scammers are slick beyond compare, so let us all be on the alert.

• It’s fun to read about Sisters people I know in The Nugget. I especially enjoyed reading Juhree Kizziar’s piece in said Nugget awhile back. I well remember the day she was born. Her mom, Anne, always marveled that I knew how to pronounce Juhree. Turns out my mom’s best friend’s nickname was pronounced the same way.

• My retirement from the library world was perfectly timed in so many ways. Not only was Central Oregon calling, computers had just taken over my job and I could no longer easily read the small print in Engineering Index, Index Medius, and all the other indices from which I got my gofer marching orders. Timing is everything.

• Reading Jim’s Commentary, “Only the Lonely” reminded me of one of the worst things my mom ever told me, “You’re going to end up a lonely, old woman.” The good news: I’m not lonely and I am old.


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