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Sisters High School library up and running

School libraries are esteemed for encouraging students to explore literature and expanding their digital literacy and research skills. This is why the Sisters High School library has made so much progress over the 2023-2024 school year.

Beginning with a non-functioning and unorganized library system, Gail Greaney and a group of devoted students put in the work to create a functional and widely used library space for Sisters High School students.

"It's up and involved a lot of weeding but we've got most of the fiction done," said library aid Faith Keeton.

Tasks such as organizing pre-owned books, putting barcodes on books, and entering them in the new online system were just some of the many chores needed to create a working library.

The exterior decoration was carried out by a large group of students including seniors Brooke Harper, Hailey Asson, Presley Adelt, Molly Greaney, and juniors Faith Keeton and Layla Hicks.

This team worked throughout the three trimesters of the school year, painting, drawing, and decorating the entrance of the library. Some of these students even began painting the interior during the end of the third trimester.

"It changed so much but it looks great. We hope to continue on our goal of getting books that kids want to read," said Hicks.

While many of these seniors have graduated, the remaining juniors plan to continue the library expansion as interns. They aim to focus on decoration and making more literature available.

Photo by Olivia Nieto

Students made significant progress on building a functional library at Sisters High School this year.

"We have a wide variety of fictional books but we're working on expanding our non-fiction section," said Keeton.

The work on the library will continue next year, but at the end of this year, the progress that was made was satisfying.


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