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Letters to the Editor 5/31/2023

Sisters Community Garden To the Editor: I remember her words like yesterday: “Fertilize, fertilize, fertilize. And stop planting so tightly.” Her name was Donna Parker and, for a number of years, this elderly matriarch of the Sisters... — Updated 6/6/2023


Letters to the Editor 6/07/2023

Prescribed burns To the Editor: George Wuerthner’s critique of controlled burns was on the mark (“Rethink burning in Sisters’ forests,” The Nugget, May 31, page 2). It has been claimed that they help reduce the threat of a forest fir... — Updated 6/6/2023

 By Douglas Beall    Opinion

Sisters Country birds

A familiar site on lakes, marshes, ponds, and rivers, the Mallard [Anas platyrhynchos], with its glossy green head and orange feet, is a stunning duck. Mallards are dabblers, feeding on... — Updated 6/6/2023

 By Chester Allen    Opinion 

Steve's big bull trout

I'm starting to think that the local trout were as eager for warm weather as the local humans. I fish almost every day - and no place is better for a crazed fly angler than Sisters - and... — Updated 6/6/2023

 By Craig Rullman    Opinion 

Face-palming the apocalypse

Given the extraordinary speed of modern information exchange, it can be difficult to properly triage the many hundreds of crisis declarations demanding our immediate and undivided attention. Hyperventilating for attention is no longer just t... — Updated 6/6/2023

 By Cathy Russell    Opinion 

Concerns about traffic

In the City of Sisters Comprehensive Plan, Transportation System Plan, and the Parks Master Plan are goals and policies addressing traffic, pedestrians, and bicycles. These goals and policies emphasize reduction in traffic in downtown... — Updated 6/6/2023

 By Edie Jones    Opinion

Aging successfully

Recently, while purging notes and flip charts from earlier teaching days, I came across the notes from a class entitled “Stay Away from the Rocker.” It was a class for an adult education program, and I was much too young to teach it.... — Updated 5/30/2023

 By Robert Sposato    Opinion

Boy meets baseball

Something happens between a boy and baseball — it’s called true love. I decided to volunteer this spring in the Sisters Little League, and I wound up helping with a team of mostly 11-year-olds. I raised three sons in a baseball-crazy ho... — Updated 5/30/2023


Should I go or should I stay?

There’s something to be said for staying. And of course, there’s something to be said for leaving, too. My husband and I recently returned from a month-long bucket-list trip throughout Europe and Sweden. But home is the best place, and... — Updated 5/30/2023


Rethinking burning in Sisters' forests

The Deschutes National Forest is currently engaged in prescribed burning and thinning the forest. They assert that our forests are unhealthy and too dense, thus requiring human ignition and logging to keep the forests healthy. At the same... — Updated 5/30/2023

 By Craig Rullman    Opinion

The Bunkhouse Chronicle Shadow puppets

Reading the Durham Report, one can be forgiven for wondering whether to reach for a bottle of Advil or a tinfoil hat. I recommend both. What the report details — I’ll spare you the 300 pages — is a politically motivated cabal of FBI... — Updated 5/23/2023


Sisters salutes...

• Age Friendly Sisters Country (AFSC) extends a heartfelt thank-you to founding board members Chris Laing and Toni Landis, who recently retired from active AFSC Board service after more than four years. Chris and Toni have devoted an... — Updated 5/23/2023


A bit of history

A bit of history goes a long way to explain today’s politics. Abraham Lincoln stood before a crowd at the Illinois Republican State Convention in Springfield, Illinois on the evening of June 16, 1858. The occasion was momentous — an... — Updated 5/23/2023


Letters to the Editor 5/24/2023

Thank you, voters To the Editor: To the voters of Sisters Country — thank you. Thank You. Thank You. We, the board of Sisters Park & Recreation District, can’t thank you enough for your vote of confidence in last Tuesday’s election. Ne... — Updated 5/23/2023

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

Burning questions

Sisters has a lot to be proud of in the agencies that work to protect our community. The Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District, supported by Cloverdale and Black Butte Ranch fire districts, responded quickly and effectively to a raging inferno... — Updated 5/16/2023


Letters to the Editor 5/17/2023

Some love for softball To the Editor: Did you know that Sisters High School has a girls softball team? You won’t read about them in The Nugget for some reason unknown to me. Every week you can read about girls track, lacrosse, and tennis... — Updated 5/16/2023


Letters to the Editor 5/10/2023

I am seen To the Editor: Regarding “Helping people grieve the loss of an infant,” The Nugget, May 3, page 3: I do not know the Cowans personally. However, I applaud Alissa and James Cowan for their efforts helping parents of children... — Updated 5/16/2023

 By Douglas Beall    Opinion

Sisters Country birds

Bitter cherry, bird cherry, chokecherry, or bitter berry are all common names for Prunus virginiana. My neighbors have several in their yard that are of the Canada red variety of... — Updated 5/9/2023


The life and death of a houseless man

This week I’ve grieved the loss of two lives — one a dear friend here in Sisters, who died at the end of an exhausting few months dealing with ALS as it took away his faculties bit by bit. The second death is someone I hardly knew, yet... — Updated 5/9/2023

 By Jean Nave    Opinion

Scottie Wisdom & Faith – Scotties separation anxiety

Many dogs exhibit separation anxiety. Our rescued twelve-year-old Scottie, Piper, having lost 75 percent of her hearing, is now very dependent upon her care-giver. In the past she stayed in the car for an hour without getting upset. Now she... — Updated 5/5/2023


We are all storytellers

We may not think of ourselves as storytellers, but each of us has crafted a unique story that reminds us of who we are, our place in the world, and what we can expect from others. To be human is to be both playwright, director, and lead... — Updated 5/4/2023

 By Colette Whelan    Opinion

Creating a healthy environment

There are so many aspects of the Sisters 2040 Comprehensive Plan that point to positive aspirations and goals for our community. As an experienced health care provider living in this community, I feel an onus to speak to the development of... — Updated 5/2/2023


Letters to the Editor 5/03/2023

Support local option for schools To the Editor: Please support the Sisters School District, the staff, and most important, the students. Vote yes for measure 9-161, the local option levy. Don Hedrick To the Editor: On behalf of the Seed to... — Updated 5/2/2023

 By Melody Carlson    Opinion

CATS versus C4C – really?

I’ve lived in Sisters 28 years and love this sweet town for the same qualities we all appreciate—gorgeous mountains, majestic trees, recreation opportunities, celebrations of art and music. We purposely moved here to embrace a smaller... — Updated 4/25/2023

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

Editorial... Local option levies a good investment

Nobody enjoys paying taxes. However, if we have to pay taxes — and we know that that is one of two inevitabilities in life — local taxes paid directly to institutions that have immediate local value are the best kind to pay. With both... — Updated 4/25/2023


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