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 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

High Desert Heroines: Toni Foster

The words people use to describe Toni Berke Foster paint a picture of a formidable woman: words like tough, skillful, committed, honest, focused, relentless, taskmaster, and "passionate... — Updated 5/14/2024

 By Bill Bartlett    Extra

Labyrinths abound in Central Oregon

There are at least a dozen labyrinths in Central Oregon from Prineville to Bend to Sisters to Black Butte Ranch. They range from a portable canvas version to a 140-foot-diameter medieval... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Bill Bartlett    Extra

Ode to joy

Central Oregon has a deep and rich music tradition centered mostly around folk, blues, and country genres. Big name headliners from a range of musical tastes fill local amphitheaters,... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

The Lady Lookouts

In 1913 a ranger in California reported his top choice for a fire lookout post was "no gentleman." He hoped his supervisor's heart could stand the shock of the novel idea of hiring a woman. H... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Katy Yoder    Extra

Learning to live with wolves on the range

The word came in from a local rancher: Wolves had killed his livestock. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) investigated the claim and confirmed it. Reactions to the incidents... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Bill Bartlett    Extra

Hoodoo ski instructor marks 45 years of teaching

Donna Sanders is a neighborly sort with a big smile and bigger heart. She has taught thousands of new skiers of all ages how to get into a sport that typically lasts a lifetime. This includes... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Bill Bartlett    Extra

What in the world is forest bathing?

Ask the average passerby to define "forest bathing," and if the first reaction isn't a blank stare, the offered definition is apt to miss the mark by a fair distance. Missie Wikler, owner of... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Sue Stafford    Extra

Celebrity chef returns to Central Oregon

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Brian Malarkey, who grew up on a ranch in Tumalo, and went on to create over 15 successful restaurant concepts in various cities, is returning to Central... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Jim Cornelius    Extra

Saddlemaker creates functional, traditional art

Hank Moss grew up working cattle in the sagebrush of southern Utah and northern Arizona. There's a haze of romance around that life - and Hank will tell you it was a fine life for a... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Bill Bartlett    Extra

Seeing beyond the limits

We take our senses for granted. It's hard for most of us to contemplate being deaf or blind. We just don't want to imagine it. We're amazed when we see somebody who has lost their sight do am... — Updated 5/2/2024

 By Jim Cornelius    Extra

Covering the tough stuff

Every once in a while, Sisters kicks up a story that is tough to cover. When you live and work in a small town, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to know the family involved in a car... — Updated 4/11/2024

 By Jim Cornelius    Extra

The Power of Story

The Nugget believes in the power of Story. Since you are here backing us up with your support, it's pretty safe to assume you do, too. The work that keeps us going week in and week out is the... — Updated 4/11/2024

 By Lisa May    Extra

From the Front Desk

In my role at the front desk of The Nugget I get to handle a wide variety of tasks, from managing databases for subscriptions and classifieds to designing the weekly Announcements page and... — Updated 4/11/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

High Desert Heroines: Grace Cyrus Aitken

She was quick-witted and ethical and it ran in the family. Grace Cyrus Aitken came from a long line of pioneer innovators who believed in new ideas and working well with others. Her... — Updated 4/2/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

High Desert Heroines: Maida Bailey

In her later years, Maida Bailey liked to cruise in her 1958 green and white Chevy Coupe. She drove around her ranch to check the irrigation, to visit friends in Camp Sherman or Bend, or... — Updated 3/26/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

High Desert Heroine: Martha Cobb Hindman

Martha Alice Taylor didn't have a long childhood. Born in Oregon in 1857 to parents who came across the Oregon Trail, she married her 24-year-old neighbor Alfred Cobb in California when she... — Updated 3/12/2024

 By Jim Cornelius    Extra

Memories of a favorite place

When Adora Hitchcock looks out her window in her quarters at The Lodge in Sisters, she can just make out the roof of Conklin's Guest House across Barclay Drive to the north. When she sits in... — Updated 2/27/2024

 By Katy Yoder    Extra

Bearing an incredible gift

When volunteer Meals on Wheels driver Connie Hatfield pulls up for a delivery, she can't help but smile. She knows each person she serves well, and enjoys catching up on what happened over... — Updated 2/20/2024

 By Sue Stafford    Extra

The transformative power of the outdoors

Oregon Adaptive Sports (OAS) volunteers Mark and Bunny Thompson, who live in Tollgate, came to Sisters in 2001, after traveling seven years over 40,000 miles on their sailboat, sailing from... — Updated 2/20/2024

 By Jim Cornelius    Extra

Honoring life-long love

Pat Mostek met her husband Stephen in high school when she was 14 years old. He was 15. Stephen was sitting behind her in study hall, and one of Pat's friends commented on how good-looking th... — Updated 2/20/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

An affray to remember

When Tillman Glaze built his cabin at the base of Black Butte in 1881, he chose a remote and peaceful place. The homestead had 160 acres of meadow on the edge of a forest of huge ponderosa... — Updated 2/20/2024

 By Jim Cornelius    Extra

Not today, Father Time!

I was out on a long ramble through the woods west of Sisters a few weeks ago when it hit me that I'd been doing this particular hike for 30 years. Against my will, that led to taking an... — Updated 1/30/2024


How to make that resolution stick in 2024

How's that New Year's resolution coming along? As I write this, we are just over a week into 2024, which means according to researchers, it has been long enough for 23 percent of us to have... — Updated 1/30/2024

 By Ashlee Francis    Extra

The foot is the foundation of the body

The foundation of the body: The foot. The human foot consists of 19 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, and hundreds of ligaments and tendons. That is all in one foot! Each day, we stick little... — Updated 1/30/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

Gold, conmen, and coyotes

London Lee "L. L." Noonchester was an enigmatic character and the star of the craziest gold rush story in Sisters Country. A dealer in coyote fur, he set up shop in Burns around 1912 and... — Updated 1/30/2024


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