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 By T. Lee Brown    Opinion 

Dark Mornings

When I was a little girl, I watched my older brother trudge up our driveway in the black of night. My mom was making breakfast; my brother carried a flashlight. Peering up over the kitchen... — Updated 2/27/2024 Full story

 By Ian Reid    Opinion 

Please excuse the messes

People often ask me if winter is a slow season for the Forest Service. The days are often less urgent, without wildfire response, but there is always much to be done. Winter is when the bulk... — Updated 2/27/2024 Full story

 By Erik Dolson    Opinion

The best we can do

Thank God. I’m not too old to run for president. Even though yesterday I had trouble remembering which seven pills I needed to take. The day before, I couldn’t find my car keys. A week... — Updated 2/20/2024 Full story

 By Scott Bowler    Opinion

Tracking across Sisters Country

Oh, wow - what's that print? I'm sure you've had that same reaction numerous times when encountering animal tracks. "What is it?" is the most obvious question to ask upon seeing tracks in... — Updated 2/20/2024 Full story

 By T. Lee Brown    Opinion

9 Ways to Gain Media Coverage

“How do I get featured in the media?” It’s a question I hear a lot. Business owners, nonprofits, event producers, entrepreneurs, artists: they all ask. The answers reflect my... — Updated 2/20/2024 Full story

 By Robert Kruger    Opinion

An introduction to hobby games

My last couple of articles covered a bit of game theory and theory of knowledge. While I expect those will be recurrent topics, my main goal with the column is to report on the local scene, and so I’ll limit my technical forays to a fracti... — Updated 2/13/2024 Full story

 By Robert Kruger    Opinion

On Monday, Wade throws rock

Just what is a game? Before I fully launch into my article series covering local games, maybe we should get that straight. For the past six years or so, Wade and I have played Rock, Paper, Scissors at Sisters Athletic Club to see who buys... — Updated 2/6/2024 Full story


Stars over Sisters

Ancient skywatchers learned to recognize the night sky by associating certain arrangements of stars with objects familiar to them. These became the constellations. Cygnus the Swan, Orion the... — Updated 2/6/2024 Full story

 By Erik Dolson    Opinion

What next?

After concluding three months as managing editor of the The Leader newspaper in Port Townsend, Washington, I’m confronted with an uncomfortable realization: I did the best I could, but... — Updated 2/6/2024 Full story


Shedding some light on the heat of short-term rentals

This is part 2 of an ongoing series on the subject of short-term rentals. Part 1 ran in the January 17 edition of The Nugget.... — Updated 2/6/2024 Full story


Cold kindness

November and December of 2023 felt like April, warm, lots of sun, and all the plants were turning green. But January 2024 quickly blew in like a lion charging a mule deer buck. It could have... — Updated 2/6/2024 Full story

 By Douglas Beall    Opinion

Sisters Country birds

The Red-winged Blackbird [Agelaius phoeniceus], is now arriving around Sisters and feeding until they head to mostly wetland areas to begin building nests. After two to six pale blue-green... — Updated 2/6/2024 Full story


Page by Paige - Favorite 2023 books

Do you have a favorite 2023 book? This year I curated my favorite books by themes, debut authors and favorite authors. My recommendations include creating a wife app, searching for a father, and books about books. I’ve been sharing piles... — Updated 2/6/2024 Full story

 By Sue Stafford    Opinion

Illness provides time for introspection

The raindrops form tidy concentric circles in the puddles they are forming on the ice-crusted snow covering my back deck this morning. The branches above are coated with a thin layer of ice.... — Updated 1/23/2024 Full story

 By Elise Wolf    Opinion

For the Birds: Hummingbirds in winter

Remarkably, hummingbirds overwinter in Central Oregon. These toughies are Anna's hummingbirds and are amazingly stout for their 4- to 4.5-gram size. They have expanded their range into... — Updated 1/23/2024 Full story


Paige by Paige - favorite 2023 books

Do you have a favorite 2023 book? This year I curated my favorite books by themes, debut authors and favorite authors. My recommendations include creating a wife app, searching for a father and books about books. I’ve been sharing piles... — Updated 1/16/2024 Full story

 By Douglas Beall    Opinion

Sisters Country birds

Visiting the Cascade forests in late fall and winter, the fluted notes of the Varied Thrush [zoreus naevius] can often be heard echoing through the forests and canyons. The elegant orange of... — Updated 1/16/2024 Full story


Dear Property Guy

Sisters is a town that means different things to different people: the (slightly larger) small town they grew up in, an opportunity to live where one plays, maybe a place to spend California retirement bucks, for many it’s where they do... — Updated 1/16/2024 Full story

 By Robert Kruger    Opinion

Introducing an 'old dork'

In 2015, when my nephew Eli was about 9 years old, I explained “Dungeons & Dragons” to him while my daughter Alyx was present. I left the room after delivering a long-winded monologue where I told him that I’d started playing D&D when... — Updated 1/16/2024 Full story

 By Bill Bartlett    Opinion

Does Sisters need a cemetery?

As the population grows in Sisters Country that question comes up more frequently I find. And with our older population – median age in Sisters is just under 50, whereas Oregon as a whole... — Updated 1/9/2024 Full story


Stars over Sisters

Taurus, the brightest zodiac constellation of the winter season, rides high in the evening sky during January. The celestial Bull is one of only 12 elite constellations that lie along a... — Updated 1/2/2024 Full story

 By Chester Allen    Opinion

When in doubt, go fishing

For the past 20 years or so, I've tried to go fishing on New Year's Day - even when the Ducks were playing in a bowl game on that day. Stringing up a fly rod and walking along a river just... — Updated 1/2/2024 Full story


A new year, a new spirit?

Truly, Scotties and all dogs are the best friends we have. Yes, we have loyal families and spouses. But as some find out, even family members and spouses have been known to desert us. But a... — Updated 1/2/2024 Full story


Selling rental home creates challenges and opportunities

Dear Property Guy: I am about to sell a rental home in So. Cal. It is worth about $1.2M and has appreciated about $600,000. It used to be my primary residence but has been a rental for a couple years now. I don’t want to take the huge tax... — Updated 12/19/2023 Full story

 By Kema Clark    Opinion

Chet & Bernie Series

It doesn’t matter if you like dogs. Or private detectives. Or murder mysteries. If you like laughter, sarcastic humor, and listening to a dog’s thoughts, you’ll like Spencer Quinn’s series of Chet & Bernie mysteries. The Little... — Updated 12/19/2023 Full story


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