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 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

High Desert Heroines: Toni Foster

The words people use to describe Toni Berke Foster paint a picture of a formidable woman: words like tough, skillful, committed, honest, focused, relentless, taskmaster, and "passionate... — Updated 5/14/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

High Desert Heroines: Maida Bailey

In her later years, Maida Bailey liked to cruise in her 1958 green and white Chevy Coupe. She drove around her ranch to check the irrigation, to visit friends in Camp Sherman or Bend, or... — Updated 3/26/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

High Desert Heroine: Martha Cobb Hindman

Martha Alice Taylor didn't have a long childhood. Born in Oregon in 1857 to parents who came across the Oregon Trail, she married her 24-year-old neighbor Alfred Cobb in California when she... — Updated 3/12/2024

 By Jim Cornelius    Extra

Memories of a favorite place

When Adora Hitchcock looks out her window in her quarters at The Lodge in Sisters, she can just make out the roof of Conklin's Guest House across Barclay Drive to the north. When she sits in... — Updated 2/27/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

An affray to remember

When Tillman Glaze built his cabin at the base of Black Butte in 1881, he chose a remote and peaceful place. The homestead had 160 acres of meadow on the edge of a forest of huge ponderosa... — Updated 2/20/2024

 By Jim Cornelius    Extra

Not today, Father Time!

I was out on a long ramble through the woods west of Sisters a few weeks ago when it hit me that I'd been doing this particular hike for 30 years. Against my will, that led to taking an... — Updated 1/30/2024


How to make that resolution stick in 2024

How's that New Year's resolution coming along? As I write this, we are just over a week into 2024, which means according to researchers, it has been long enough for 23 percent of us to have... — Updated 1/30/2024

 By Ashlee Francis    Extra

The foot is the foundation of the body

The foundation of the body: The foot. The human foot consists of 19 muscles, 26 bones, 33 joints, and hundreds of ligaments and tendons. That is all in one foot! Each day, we stick little... — Updated 1/30/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

Gold, conmen, and coyotes

London Lee "L. L." Noonchester was an enigmatic character and the star of the craziest gold rush story in Sisters Country. A dealer in coyote fur, he set up shop in Burns around 1912 and... — Updated 1/30/2024

 By Ashlee Francis    Extra

Fascial stretching eases aches & pains

When the human body feels stiff, sore or in pain, we tend to treat it with rest. If it gets bad enough, we may seek the expert opinion and help of a massage therapist, physical therapist or a... — Updated 1/23/2024

 By Rennie Morrell    Extra

Community service gets personal

A friend called me recently, distraught, tearful, and saying there was a letter in her mail when she returned from her holiday trip revoking her driver's license for health reasons. The hurt... — Updated 1/23/2024

 By Maret Pajutee    Extra

Born under a lucky star

Every once in a while, you meet someone who draws you in like a moth to a light. The exact chemistry is a mystery but there is something about the spring in their step, engaging smile, and... — Updated 11/30/2023

 By Sue Stafford    Extra

Four decades of serving Sisters

Dr. Bonnie Malone, longtime Sisters chiropractor, is retiring and closing her clinic as of November 27, 2023. For 42-1/2 years in Sisters, Malone has been deeply engaged in the life of the... — Updated 11/9/2023


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