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 By Emelia Shoup    Opinion 

Housing as essential community infrastructure

As a young professional who has lived and worked in Sisters for nearly four years, I have been invited to share my story for C4C’s Community Forum about local housing challenges, “Who Gets To Live Here? The Search for Local Housing Aff... — Updated 4/16/2024 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion 

All we are and all we ever will be

There’s nothing like contemplating the end of the world to start off your weekend. I headed out at daybreak on Saturday to get in a good training session at Zimmerman Butte. Kettlebell c... — Updated 4/16/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 4/17/2024

Prescribed fire To the Editor: Spring is in the air and so is the smoke. Prescribed burning season is upon us and in an effort to get in front of a contentious subject I’d like to voice my support of the efforts of our local resources d... — Updated 4/16/2024 Full story


Submit Letter to Editor

Letters to the Editor should be 300 words or less. The deadline for submission is Monday at 10 a.m. for publication in that week's Nugget. Please submit your letter by emailing to Jim Cornelius at [email protected] with "letter to the... — Updated 4/16/2024 Full story

 By T. Lee Brown    Opinion

Places Warm & Creative

Not long ago, I sat on a beach. I was warm - too warm, actually, quite hot - so I took a dip in the wide, thunderous ocean. With my family, I navigated the cobbled streets of a beautiful... — Updated 4/9/2024 Full story

 By Tim Hockett    Opinion

We must do better

A few years ago, in the very early morning hours, I visited the Lincoln Memorial. A crew was busily cleaning the huge statue. I acknowledged the workers with a wave. One man shouted to me, “Sorry for the inconvenience, but we don’t want grim... — Updated 4/9/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 4/10/24

Dedicated volunteers To the Editor: This month, prior to the regular School Board Meeting on April 3, three candidates for the Budget Committee were interviewed. Each presented their various experiences and what they could bring to the... — Updated 4/9/2024 Full story

 By Lisa May    Opinion

Just Like Us: Matthew

Have you ever wished you could travel through time? What would it have been like to set out on the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon in 1840? What was life really like in a European castle in the Middle Ages… or in the villages outside? W... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story

 By Robert Kruger    Opinion

Introducing the Table Top Games Club

A couple weeks ago, I called up Rick Kroytz, counselor and mentorship facilitator at Sisters High School, and asked if he knew of any students I could interview about the local hobby-gaming... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story

 By Chester Allen    Opinion

Going crazy to stay sane

I woke up Sunday morning on fire to fish the March Brown mayfly hatch on the lower McKenzie River - just a few miles from Springfield. Yes, this spot is about 100 miles from Sisters. Yes, it... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story


Fly fisher people tie one on

There is nothing quite like sitting across the table from a fisherperson. There is genuine happiness in their eyes, laughter, and pats on the back. Their faces light up like a warm campfire... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story

 By Jim Cornelius    Opinion

Who gets to live here?

If you work for a paycheck in Sisters, it’s hard to find a place to live. Really hard. Home prices have soared out of reach for most working folks, and there aren’t a whole lot of rental opt... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story

 By Phil Chang    Opinion

Accessible and affordable insurance

Sisters Country homeowners and business owners are struggling to access affordable fire insurance coverage. I’ve worked for 20 years to protect our homes and communities from wildfire and now I’m working as your Deschutes County Com... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 4/03/2024

Student safety To the Editor: In response to the recent allegations against SHS choir teacher Rick Johnson, who has represented Sisters Folk Festival’s Americana Project for nearly 20 years, a simple question needs to be addressed: Is the S... — Updated 4/2/2024 Full story

 By Douglas Beall    Opinion

Sisters Country birds

The most colorful of all our ducks, the Wood Duck [Aix sponsa], lives and breeds in swampy forested areas. Acorns are a favorite food along with other seeds, salamanders, aquatic insects,... — Updated 3/26/2024 Full story

 By Jean Nave    Opinion

Scottie-dog puppy love

We brought them home in a snowstorm. They were half wild. At 15 weeks, they were the last dogs for a Scottie breeding kennel to sell, of his 30 puppies bred in 2023. It was obvious that these two brindle boys were not popular with the... — Updated 3/26/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 3/27/2024

Don’t reuse eclipse glasses To the Editor: There is an important safety issue that people should be made aware of concerning the upcoming eclipse on April 8, 2024. People should NOT use old eclipse glasses, especially ones that they used d... — Updated 3/26/2024 Full story

 By Melody Carlson    Opinion

The trouble with STRs

Living in a place like Sisters, we can all appreciate how visitors are drawn to its natural beauty, recreational activities, and small town charm. And there’s no arguing that tourists provide a healthy livelihood for many local b... — Updated 3/26/2024 Full story

 By Mike Amsbrerry    Opinion

The eyes of India

We are all going to miss him dearly. How does one go about describing Sibi? Many of you are blessed to have come to know Fr. Sibi over these last five years as he pastored the flock at St.... — Updated 3/19/2024 Full story

 By Erik Dolson    Opinion

Nothing is all that can be done

To the parents of Trenton Burger: I am so sorry for your loss. No words of mine can mend your wounds. I can’t even imagine the pain you have endured. Trenton, 15, died after he collided w... — Updated 3/19/2024 Full story


Letters to the Editor 3/20/2024

Thank you to community To the Editor: To the amazing Sisters community... We are the family that lost our house to the fire on Valentine’s Day. Since then, the love and support shown by our whole community have truly blown us away. We’d espe... — Updated 3/19/2024 Full story


Make better decisions

Buying a piece of custom furniture seems like one of those adult rites of passage. In the latter half of my 30s, I have decided to pursue my first custom piece — a couch. Throughout my n... — Updated 3/12/2024 Full story


Page by Paige

Are you looking for a nonfiction book to read in 2024? "Mott Street: A Chinese American Family's Story of Exclusion and Homecoming" by Ava Chin might suit you. What does one single building i... — Updated 3/12/2024 Full story

 By Adam Bronstein    Opinion

Choice of wildlife leader is critical

On May 10, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission is scheduled to decide who to hire to lead the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department as its new director pushed back an initially aggressive hiring timeline. “Hearing people i... — Updated 3/12/2024 Full story

 By Maret Pajutee    Opinion

Introducing our High Desert Heroines

We live in the shadow of mountains named after three women. One of the names for the river that runs through town came about because Native American women often camped along its shores. A legend about the black volcano that guards our... — Updated 3/12/2024 Full story


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