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Last updated 7/13/2023 at 3:33pm

• I once had a boss who said I was just too efficient. Here's my secret: I always do the simplest tasks first. Serves me two-fold: clears my desktop more quickly and helps me feel accomplished, ready to take on the more time-consuming tasks and the rest of what comes my way that day.

• All of us here in Central Oregon know that, no matter the color, no matter the smell, no matter what, if the deer want it, they'll eat it, including Oregon Grape Ivy. This year is the first time in 14 years, though, that said deer have taken to eating the lilies in my pond ... flowers AND pads.

"Deerie" and her two babies, sisters and aunts finished off the last of the lily pads today, so guess I'll just have to get fake ones next year ... like I've done with all the other plants of color in my yard.

• I lost 50 pounds for my 60th birthday by exercising and eating better most every night, and I still do both. After exercising and eating said better food for a number of months, I stopped losing weight. For awhile I thought maybe I wasn't going to move from where I'd gotten. But between adding one more lap to my power walk (1.5 miles) and not eating a certain favorite potato chip during Lent, the fat began to fall away once more.

• Funny, the things in our lives that keep us honest. Of course the animals always bring the real in us out, and if you have at least one good friend who knows you inside and out - and loves you anyway - you're blessed. The pillow where you lay your head down to sleep at night is always an honest place to find yourself, too. When I was planning my lawn size, my push-mower kept me honest about that size. Nothing complicated about that.

• Even as a kid, I was bad about remembering names and faces, and it's only gotten worse over the years. My memory is bad enough, but if I would just not try to come up with a name I'd be better off, not to mention trying to remember where I know someone from. The worst was when I complimented a man at the post office on his wife's newest art work. "My wife's been dead for 10 years," he replied. Oh my.


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