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• I can always tell how cold it is in the morning by my horses' tails. If their tails are tucked against their rumps it means it's below 5 degrees. When I went out to feed the day after Thanksgiving it was 6 below zero. Riddle and Riley's tails were slammed accordingly. That evening, after they sunbathed all day long, I saw them walking to the barn, tails held well away from their fat, fuzzy rumps.

• Lately I've had a number of opportunities to be part of other people's day-to-day family lives. I was reminded over and over again that all parents want only the best for their children, first and foremost. Many also want a slower pace, more face-time with said children, more time, period. And, it appears that being a grandma is definitely THE reward for being a mom.

• I took up bowling late in life ... late last year. The only other time I ever bowled was at Oregon State on a blind date in the early '60s. When I overheard Willie order size 8 shoes for himself, I did what any respectable girl of that era would do: I ordered a size 7, though I wore size 9. Talking bowling, I came in first place of Division Three of the Oregon Women's Bowling Championships a while back. My average was 101 ... which says it all. It was fun to be Queen for a Day, though.

• Everyone deserves sharp pencils. Anyone who uses a pencil to do the crossword puzzle / Sudoku knows what I'm talking about. I have an old-fashion sharpener which clings to the desk by a black suction cup. It is at least 60 years old. What I like best about sharpening my #2s is the smell of the shavings when I empty the catcher into the wastebasket. That same innocent smell every one of us well remembers.

• Some years ago I began creating a library of my favorite movies, PBS programs, Broadway plays, etc., to watch when I'm really old. My newest addition is America's Funniest Home Videos, which will always give me a good laugh. Of course, the trick is going to be keeping my VCR working that many years from now.

• I feel like I can remember the first time I ever rode my bike without training wheels, but then I don't really remember training wheels at all. As a kid growing up in Portland, I rode my bike to and from Red's Riding Stables for years and years. To this day, I never feel younger than when I'm riding my bike.


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