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Bull by Bull

• I rewrote my obituary awhile back when I realized I know a lot more about my life than I did 10 years ago when Vernon and I first wrote our obituaries. Firstly, Vernon has died. That changed everything. Secondly, I wouldn't have yet discovered "The Big Bang Theory" or "Little Big Shots." And thirdly, I now know what it feels like to be 74 years old.

• Someone once asked me how Vernon and I settled our spats. Most times we saddled our horses in silence, rode out the front gate, and let the connection to our horses reconnect us to one another.

• Any number of times every winter, the weather conditions are such that when I go out to feed my critters, I can hear a clinking sound coming from the horses as they come in to be fed. Riddle and Riley are tough old Kiger mustangs who grow thick, heat-trapping winter coats, covered by long guard hairs which collect runoff which then freezes into clinking icicles dangling off their sides. Amazing.

• I was sorry to see Bruno's Deli close, its iconic 7-Up sign on Revere in Bend gone. Vernon and I often stopped there on hot summer days to get us a Magnum Ice Cream Bar to split. Talking Vernon, the old gentleman in the Les Schwab TV ad who says, "Who does that anymore?" is a perfect Vernon.

• Having eaten eggs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for most of my adult life, I am ever-aware of just how many ways people have to cook hard-boiled eggs. There are as many ways as there are people.

• It took me forever to stop looking at the clock on the stove after it quit working. Trouble was the digits were still lit up where the clock had quit. I finally had to put black electrician's tape over the dial, which I have also put over the "airbag off" light on Pepper's side of both the pickup and the Bronco.

• One year I spent Thanksgiving Day home alone. On purpose. It was something I had wanted to try and I'm glad I did it. I bought $15 worth of ham and scalloped potatoes, Ken Follett's newest book ... in hardback ... and a pumpkin pie of which I had eaten 50% by Thanksgiving morning. My dog and kitties loved the ham and it was all good.

• It's very comforting knowing that when I open my cupboards years from now, everything will be the way it's always been. Even more than disliking change, "what is, is what was" suits me just fine.

• As I grow older, I realize there are some things I don't ever have to try or re-try: bungie jumping, getting married, going out on the ocean on anything smaller than a cargo ship, buying a new car, starting another colt. I just don't need to do 'em.

• Sign of aging: I went to a party the other night with a bottle of wine, bread and spread, and bright pink POLST forms for everyone.


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