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Letters to the Editor 10/16/2019

To the Editor:

One of the things I enjoy when visiting Sisters and the wonderful hikes is to read the latest Nugget. In the October 9 issue I just read the letter from Paula Surmann. It’s amazing how many new climatologists have popped out of the woodwork since 2017 when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced the end of the world coming in 12 years. Yes, Eric Knirk was right, climate change is highly politicized.

Paula refers to a graph on a NASA site going back 800,000 years. So who and what instruments were used for “scientific” measurements 800,000 years ago? She mentions 97 percent of scientists agree; and especially those employed by our government agencies. That same type of assumption could have been made at one point less than 100,000 years ago when 97 percent of scientists thought the earth was flat and the sun orbited around the earth.

When I was in grade school our science books taught all oil came from dead dinosaurs and that some thing crawled out of the ocean and developed into humans; just add a couple million years to your theory to make it valid. I can still see in my mind the profile drawing of the different stages from chimp to ape to cave man, to Homo erectus. I wonder if it’s still used to indoctrinate children.

Of course climate change occurs and yes humans can have an effect on it, but how much? Paula did not even mention China, one of the worst polluters in the world. We live 93 million miles from our planetary source of life, the sun. Is anyone talking about changes the sun may be going through or even changes in our orbit around the sun? Lots of theories; and not everyone at NASA is in agreement on all issues. (

Tom Lawrence

To the Editor:

To meet a generous matching grant challenge, Seed to Table Oregon is seeking 100 community members who will join its cause by donating to the organization. No donation is too small. This year, $10 sent seven students home with bags full of veggies, whole grains, and recipes to spark a love for fresh foods. Ten dollars provided two weeks of fresh salad for a family living in a travel trailer.

Expanding our donor base is critical to building a strong foundation for our future success. Of course, large donations are incredible and essential gifts, but, today, I want to emphasize the power in collective and small contributions. Last Thursday, a food bank recipient and a high school intern each donated $10 toward our grant challenge. I was incredibly moved by their generosity!

What would 100 small donations achieve? Well, they would allow every student who visits the farm in the next year to go home with a bag of fresh produce, whole grains and a recipe. The lessons learned and skills applied through cooking healthy meals with their families, and, just maybe, a newfound love for fresh veggies that could help them combat life-altering diseases.

As a community-based nonprofit organization, our strongest foundation is the supporters we have behind us. While donating is just one of many ways to show support, it remains exceptionally impactful in helping us carry out our mission and in fostering larger donations like the current challenge grant. Without community support, grants like that would not be available.

If you are a Sisters Country enthusiast, parent, teacher, medical professional, health connoisseur or garden-lover, please help us build our strong foundation by donating what you can within the next two weeks. The deadline to meet the challenge is November 1. Please go to http://www.seedtotable or mail a check to Seed to Table Oregon, Box 1812, Sisters, OR 97759.

Thanks so much to those who have shown support over the years through contributing, volunteering, partnering or providing feedback. Your help is much appreciated.

Audrey Tehan

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To the Editor:

Please make plans to attend the upcoming City of Sisters Planning Commission meeting October 17 at 5:30 p.m.. Feel free to address the issue being proposed where the City of Sisters Planning Commission is possibly giving into Hayden Homes again and again.

Hayden agreed to the Conditions of Approval a couple of years ago when this project started and through all of their delays and excuses now again want things changed in their favor.

The City of Sisters Planning Commission and City Council need to stand by their decisions and make Hayden complete the apartments as required and get them ready for occupancy before getting their Notice of Occupancy for the final phase at The Village at Cold Spring homes.

The City of Sisters needs these apartments before they need more single-family homes. Hayden is dangling a carrot in front of the Commission. Hayden is suggesting that adding some additional apartments to the last phase should allow for them to get the City to give them something. The City needs to stand by the original Conditions of Approval. Do all of the contractors and other developers get this special treatment here in


Marvin Inman


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