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Outlaws enjoyed downtown challenge race

Sisters’ entire volleyball program got together for their inaugural “Amazing Race” on Monday, September 30, and had a great time working together and competing as teams.

The girls were split into groups of three or four, and then sent around town to different locations where they had to complete a challenge. When the challenge was complete, they were given a clue for the next location and challenge.

Teams had to go to six different locations around town, and the store-owners joined in and were part of the Outlaws experience. Challenges included: untie a big climbing knot-ball rope at Hike-N-Peak, a nut-and-bolt challenge at Ace Hardware, cast a fly into a hula-hoop at The Fly Fisher’s Place, eat a gross-flavored candy at The Garden of Eden, sing a song at Sisters Coffee Company and ride a tiny bike at Blazin Saddles.

Senior captains, Sam Silva and Addy Myhre, shared their thoughts on the event.

“Taking part in the Amazing Race team-bonding activity was amazing!” Silva said. “We were all able to work together to create memories with teammates from different grades. We are a very competitive team and that made the race so fun!”

Myhre stated, “It was super-fun! It was a really cool bonding experience for all of the teams because we had to do really exciting and weird challenges.”

Senior parent Jason Myhre was the driving force behind the whole idea, and organized the event with the support of coaches, parents, and local businesses.

Myhre said, “We were so appreciative of the participation of each location, and they had a lot of fun being a part of it. It was a great success and set the stage for hopefully an annual thing that the girls can look forward to.”

Varsity Volleyball Coach Rory Rush added, “The Amazing Race was a fun activity organized for the team. It was a great way to get exercise and run around Sisters and spend time together; of course with a little competition built in!”


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