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Scotties in love

I’ve got two Scotties in love. Really! It all began when we adopted Piper and Bernie. Piper is a spayed female and Bernie is a neutered male. Even so, they fell in love. At least Piper fell head over heels in love with Bernie when she first arrived.

I’d never seen such behavior before. She acted just like a teenage girl. She flirted with him. She rubbed him with her head and her body. She’d ask him to play with her; and she always wanted to be near him.

At first Bernie didn’t know what to do with this little girl who wanted so much attention. As time passed he got used to it. Now he loves to be with her, too. When I let him out the back door he’ll often give out a quick bark, calling Piper out with him. It usually works. If she’s been sleeping, the sound of his bark will wake her and make her come running.

The trigger for today’s article was my having recently watched them in the backyard. They wandered around the yard together smelling every new plant and each fallen leaf. They reminded me of a comfortable couple taking a stroll in the park, sharing all God’s wondrous signs of spring. They were perfectly comfortable together enjoying life and each other.

I recently read an article about a study of dog’s brain scans with MRI machines. Scientists tested the brain activity in dogs when they were spoken to by their owners. Kind words from the owners’ voices triggered brain activity in the same region of the dog’s brain as loving thoughts light up in human brains. Their conclusion was that dogs have a high probability of being able to love us in a similar manner that we love them. Of course anyone who has ever loved a dog already knew all of this.

Bless Bernie and Piper for their love. Those who have lost a loved-one have an extra sensitivity to the value of love. Those of us with faith know that our deeply loved and lost souls will soon join us again in the next dimension. Think of the joy that will fill us and those souls when we all “see” each other again.

Sometimes if you listen carefully you may even hear or feel your lost loved-one close by. The soul has no boundaries of time or space. I’ve now read so many true stories about people who have received signs from lost loved-ones that I’m comfortable in accepting the idea that my mother and father can still be close to me when I need them.

This universe God created and gave to us is amazing, limitless, and complex. Even scientists who study quantum physics now acknowledge that there is a very high probability of multiple dimensions to the universe. The debate now is how many exist, not if they are there. Open your mind to God’s vast existence and fill your heart with love. Life is better that way. Just ask Bernie.

And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Colossians 3:14


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