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Letters to the Editor… 11/13/2019

To the Editor:

Is it possible that the whistleblower is not one person but multiple people such as a co-op? Why is the media, both sides, mandating non-disclosure of the whistleblower’s name? Why does Congress, again both sides, refuse to put out his name? Is the anonymity of the op-ed writer also known, but again non- disclosure mandated? Is the op-ed writer also the whistleblower?

We as Americans don’t know the answer to any of these questions, but Congress and the media do. But I’ll bet if we did know, we’d unite in wanting to know what is going on. I hate it when they say “The Americans need to know” and then we get this BS.

Congress needs to lead this country by example; right now their example is childish and divisive. Americans need to know the truth, we’ll get that when the partisan bickering stops and is replaced with compromise and common sense. We as Americans need to “be what happens” rather than waiting to see what happens!

Let your representatives know what you expect from them.

Terry Coultas

To the Editor:

The Halloween Parade for the kiddos and parents in Sisters is an annual event that has grown from 10 elementary-age kids in 1982 to 275-300 today. This does not include the 100-plus parents, many of whom dress up to walk with their children. Each family brings canned goods that Rotary collects and then transports to the Kiwanis Food Bank.

The Sisters Library, under the leadership of Peg Bermel, initiated this event in 1982 and Rotary Club of Sisters took over management and sponsorship in 2008 requiring some 20 volunteers to organize and supervise.

The most recent event was held on a spectacular Indian Summer afternoon. More than 60 retailers, most in costume, took part handing out a cornucopia of fresh and packaged treats to the eager children.

It was disappointing that The Nugget provided such little coverage of this important community event. The colorful festivities showcased one of the many joys and benefits of living in Sisters Country. We hope that next year’s Parade will be more prominently mentioned.

Steve Auerbach

President Rotary Club of Sisters


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