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Dear Property Guy

Dear Property Guy-

I have a prospective renter who is absolutely perfect. Great credit, great references, steady job. Wants to move in now. Everything’s great. And she has a pit bull. We generally allow dogs, but pit bulls concern me. What do you think?

— Likes Dog, But…

Dear Dogs:

As with most things in property management, the short answer is, “It depends.”

For things like this, I like to let the insurance guys make the call. Or I at least start the conversation there. Some insurance agencies won’t insure you if you have certain breeds on the property. So check with them first. Then you are going to check if your prospective tenant can get renters insurance with their breed of dog. As always, make sure you are a named party on their renters insurance.

If you pass those hurdles, then you’ve got a decision to make. As a property owner, you can refuse any dog you don’t like for any reason. I’d meet the dog, check it out, and get a few references. If it all checks out, go for it. If you don’t like what you are seeing, remember Property Guy’s rule Number 27: No Deal is Ever Too Sweet to Walk Away From.

— Mike

Dear Property Guy-

I’m renting a house in Sisters. It’s snow season in Central Oregon. I just learned that most cities, including Sisters, have snow removal ordinances that require sidewalks be cleared within a specified period of time. Who is responsible for this? Me or my landlord?

— Shoveling or Not

Dear Shoveling:

Check your lease. The city ordinances state that the property owner is responsible for the snow being removed. So absent anything in your lease putting you on the hook, your landlord needs to clear the snow.

— Mike

Mike Zoormajian is principal at WetDog Properties in Sisters. Providing local property management and investor services. Questions, comments, and hate mail to: [email protected]

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