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Letters to the Editor… 12/18/2019

To the Editor:

I like growth.

We have lived here part-time since 1962. I guess there were 500-600 people in town then, and the main industry — logging — was ending. In my opinion, Sisters needs to grow to 4,000-5,000 people in the next 5-10 years for the following reasons:

•?Schools. My barometer for growth is school system enrollment. The Sisters School District has been struggling for years with no student growth. According to the Sisters School District office, they now enroll 1,126 children, and I’m told they need about 1,250 to thrive.

•?A multigenerational community. A reference was made to retirees. I’m “retired.” If you want to fossilize Sisters because there are too many young people here, then move to Del Webbs Sun City—gated communities, no one under 55 allowed — it’s perfect.

I love the mix of generations, it keeps me young. Friday night lights (football), The Nugget with pages and pictures of our next generation playing sports, and competing and learning all manner of new things. What’s more Americana than being served by our young kids at the Sno Cap or Sisters Coffee Co.? They are the future and they’re learning how to work and save money for their future. (By the way, where was your first job?)

•?Healthcare. We need an urgent-care center here, we all agree. If not 24/7 service then at least seven days a week, 8 to 5 p.m. St. Charles can’t afford to offer this vital service without a larger client base: i.e., more people living here.

•?Commercial. We’re fine in this department, but I’d like to see a full-service dry cleaning service here with on-premises cleaning.

We’ve seen the growth here for nearly 60 years and it’s been great. So many new and interesting people from everywhere. It’s not quite “Our Town” yet, but we’re getting there.

Bruce Rognlien


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